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I'd rather have fluorescent tampos that glow even brighter under black light than translucent plastic. I'm not sure glow-in-the-dark is the way to go. You can't really get a decent range of primary colors that glow but there are plenty of fluorescent ones to choose from.


I hope we can get stands that look like this:



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No idea how close to approval they are, to be honest, and they may not have been scheduled yet, but if they're approved, maybe we'll show them in Chicago. Not sure if they'll make it into April Previews (for March reveal), and no rush, really.

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1 hour ago, RedTiger95 said:

What's the Disney characters in KHII? 

Donald, Goofy, Jafar, Tron, and Sark are confirmed, I believe. Based off of Wikipedia, other possibilities include:

-"King Mickey"



-Daisy Duck

-Scrooge McDuck

-Huey, Dewey, and Louie

-Chip and Dale



-Jiminy Cricket




-Jack Sparrow

-the Sleeping Beauty fairies

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2 hours ago, fwoosheyman said:

Read this info over on According to the post this info straight from Zach.

"There will be minimates and would include Sora (Kingdom Hearts II), Donald, Goofy, Auron, Demyx, Jafar, Shadow, Tron, and Sark."

I'm glad we get Demyx, I hope we get more Organization XIII members. I also rember DST mentioning a Roxas in Pixel Dans toyfair interview so we might have a wave 2.

Edit: Aparently Roxas will get a 7 inch figure and not a minimate.

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