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12 hours ago, TENIME_art said:

I think everyone missed the point of my joke.

I was just looking for a ludicrous number, I wasn't actually trying to suss out how many figures we're getting.

No math problems or digging for clues; just being silly.


I told you it was a clever post. So clever it could be misinterpreted and still viewed as clever.


9 hours ago, buttheadsmate said:

I didn't .


................but welcome to my world.


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10 hours ago, DSTZach said:

i think one every three years is a good number. 

I was wondering if it had really been that long, or if I had deleted some...

10 hours ago, DSTZach said:

It's been a rough couple of years. I'll try to be more regular now.

Fiber may help with that! :D

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On 2/14/2019 at 5:34 PM, spidermatt said:

Hi Zach! Is there a problem goin on with the "ask a question" on the dst website? I wanted to ask a question but its not letting me submit my question. The code to submit my answer doesnt want to be recognized. Is there a way around this?

I will check! You can e-mail customer service with the subject Ask DST.

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So, I was reading some posts in the Aliens thread written by disappointed fans armchair quarterbacking DST's marketing decisions. Snarky responses were coming to mind along the lines of, "If you're so confident of your superior marketing skills, why not buck up and sponsor a run like Luke did? You'll get your unicorn mates and the rest will sell like hotcakes to get your money back." But I know they are just disappointed fans so I kept quiet.

Then I thought hmmm maybe that could actually work. Would it be possible for a group of fanatical collectors to sponsor a run that DST doesn't want to gamble on? For example, a Bishop (clean) / Ferro two-pack to complete the cast. Could they do a kickstarter or something similar and then if there are enough guaranteed sales, DST can make them. Would something like that be possible?

I have seen a couple of companies use kickstarter as a marketing tool for new products they are maybe unsure of. They get a guaranteed minimum pre-order by a certain date or they don't make the product and everyone gets their money back. Maybe you could do something like this to get us that third wise-man. :)

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Hasbro did that last year. Over 8,000 of us are expecting our $500 Sail Barges within the next couple weeks. 

I doubt DST cares where the money comes from. If someone wanted to start a campaign to get potential pre-orders for a specific SKU, it could happen. The trick was s distribution, which is why retailer exclusives are ideal. 

Maybe someday when DST has the infrastructure necessary to do such a thing, we’ll get a few neat 2-packs. 

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