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Ant-Man Minimates


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Of course people would care about the supporting cast. It's not like they're Moon Knight.

But there are a couple other costumed characters like Wasp and Falcon (new suit!) that would be splendid.


As for Ant-Man, I've still not seen the film due to those damn cinemas. Sure, we're going to bring Fantastic Poop on time but Ant-Man? Oh hell no! Same thing happened with Guardians... But, I've seen the uh, "spoilers" so I'd be down for those...

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I have a bit of a dilemma, in Zach's preview/review video of the SDCC set, he said that the head under Ant-Man was Hank Pym and that the hairpiece goes to him but on the MMDB (HAIL IVAN!!!), Yellowjacket is listed to have the Hank Pym hairpiece and then Hank Pym having the Scott Lang hairpiece making it a scott lang figure. That raises a question for me, who is right? Hopefully one of you fine gents will have an answer for me.




you can clearly see that Darren Cross has some extra ear-ige which is pretty odd.

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