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Brought to you by TTFC and groundhog7s.

Hey Multiverse, do you like violence? Do you like cool stuff? DO YOU LIKE WINNING!? Then we are here for you. Today we announce this amazingly fun (hopefully) contest. And what do you have to do to win, you ask?


The rules are simple:

1) Take a single picture in which some minimate (or other translucent type figure) gets hit in the face. Punching is good. Wanna kick instead? Go for it. Jump kick his ****ing face off. Any kind of violence is allowed so long as it impacts in the face. Not the chest. Or the arms. Or the legs. THE FACE!!

1A) No photoshop or any of that nonsense. Unless you wanna do black and white or sepia tones. SEPIA TONES MAKE EVERYTHING LOOK WAY MORE BADASS!!

2) Each figure (Minimates or otherwise, because we're doing that now) in your entry must be at least 50% translucent. It's really just a guideline, but if you're not sure, just ask. This is a TTFC contest after all. They don't need to be officially released minimates either. Just slap some parts together and go to town. EDIT: This means customs are totally cool for this contest, and in general because customs are great!

3) One entry per person. Wanna post a bunch of images of fist on face violence? AWESOME! Just make sure to note which one is your official entry. All entries must be posted in this thread.

4) Want some bonus points (that in no way will actually affect your chance of winning)? Get out your Iron Man Through the Ages set, take the head and hair off this Mark VI Armor Iron Man (Hail Ivan), slap them on a translucent body and actually PUNCH ME IN THE FACE! (Well my avatar anyway)

5) Conest will run from right this very second to 11:59pm, September 10th. Central time. In America. International dudes and ladies feel free to figure out when that is for yourselves. After that, there will be a voting period of one week, so the winners will be determined by YOU! AMAAAAZING!

Prizes? Prizes! PRIIIIZES!!

First place? Oh man, how about an orange Merk? He's called the Hot Wings. Not enough? How about also a retailer exclusive STEALTH VORIN!? Yeah, you're paying attention now, aren't you?

Second place? Well yeah, gotta have a best loser right? Want a Hot Wings Merk too? We can give you that. Again, not enough? Well hell, we'll throw in a purple Shadow Merk too. AWESOME!

Third Place? Meh. Whatever. You can have a purple Merk too I guess.

Oh and because we feel like it, once the voting starts, everyone who votes will have their name put in a hat and one will be picked at random by my nephew to win a 2010 translucent blue blank. Because hey, why not?

So that's it. Get your act together, find some translucent minimates or whatever and BEAT THE CRAP OUT OF THEIR TINY PLASTIC FACES!! YEEEAHHH!!!


Minimate multiverse and me (The Geohound) are not responsible for damages, injuries, legal fees, jail time or loss of bowel control resulting from your actions in participating in this contest. Take responsibility for yourself LIKE A MAN! YOUR MOTHER WISHES YOU WOULD ALREADY! SHE ALSO WANTS YOU TO MOVE OUT OF HER BASEMENT SO SHE CAN BANG DUDES! YOUR MOM IS LOUD AND IT'S BEEN A LONG TIME SINCE YOUR DAD LEFT! SHE'S LONELY!!

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Right Multiverse boilerplate. And ummmm, yeeeennnnooooooyeeessnooooomaybeeeeeyyyeeessssno. No photoshop. Let's be hardcore about this

I'm fixing the main post as we go here. I can't believe I forgot about photoshop.

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I got the message from Geo that the contest had started and thought it was worth a stop in to give my endorsement. It's got to be one of the most outlandish contests that's been here so I'm hoping there's a good turn out.

And since I've been in a 'beat myself up' kind of mood recently, I welcome anyone to punch me in the face. I'm growing to like it, so I'll send some extra stuff to anyone that pulls it off.

Best of luck to you all!

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Ok......question, does the "at least 50% transparent" minimate have to fight another "at least 50% transparent" or is the "at least 50% transparent" the main focus of the photo and it can be fighting a non Transparent minimate, Hell........possibly not even a minimate??

uumm.....hope that made sense.

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"At least 50% translucent" is a general guideline I use, but I suppose it is a bit ambiguous when you actually look at it. I consider a minimate with arms and legs and a crotch piece all translucent but not the upper torso and head to be over 50%. So any of the half transparent Sue Storms or that one Kitty Pride are eligible, I just never use them because I have better Sues and don't care for that Kitty's hair. Now, the rule applies to each individual fighter, and is not an overall ratio for all competitors.

As "maybe not a minimate" I did consider any and all toys being eligible for this but kind of left it behind me, but you know what, if you wanna use other things, as long as the action is clear, then go for. If you can see where the face is and see what's hitting said face, then it all works out.

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