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  2. Nice! I'm sure there will be a bunch of "human" characters but I'm hoping they do some creature characters (especially Jabba) as the larger scale might fit in better with the Black Series figures.
  3. You're making the assumption that he was dressed to begin with
  4. That is a short production #; I'll just have to keep my eyes peeled. I've been on the fence with Vinimates. I've given quite a few as gifts (mostly NBX and a few DC ones) but don't have many in my own collection. To me the Godzilla line translates well to Vinimates; keep the variations and kaiju coming!
  5. Is the NYCC GitD Mechagodzilla sold anywhere online (besides ebay) or in stores for reasonable prices? My local comic store said they ordered some but I think they were confused; they got a bunch of the black Halloween ComicFest ones.
  6. Very nice! I'd love to get the stl files to print one out myself.
  7. More free 3DS codes in case anyone wants them. I have extra coins to use otherwise they disappear; I miss the days of physical items. Mario Items Theme B167 X66X 2P2B YV85 Smash Bros WiiU remote B0TW FKPV 31S7 RBV1 flipnote3D B0KB HJLB 0N6X S7WQ
  8. Finals (best out of 1) Smashmaster12 vs youbastards SCISSORS v paper Winner: Smashmaster12 Good game, awesome entries and thanks to all that participated!
  9. Semi-Finals (best out of 3): Ivan vs youbastards Round1 - paper v paper Round2 - paper v SCISSORS Round3 - scissors v ROCK Semi-Final Winner: youbastards ******************************************** Smashmaster12 vs Phiz Round1 - ROCK v scissors Round2 - scissors v ROCK Round3 - ROCK v scissors Semi-Final Winner: Smashmaster12 ******************************************** Finals (best out of 1) Smashmaster12 vs youbastards
  10. Deathmatch, Rock/Paper/Scissors style!! Semi-Finals (best out of 3): Ivan vs youbastards Smashmaster12 vs Phiz
  11. Entries are in, how should winner be chosen ....
  12. Tomorrow's the last day to enter!
  13. Still plenty of time to enter! **took me less than 10 mins to grab a minimate, some string, snap a pic with my phone, add text and upload
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