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  2. Nice! I'm sure there will be a bunch of "human" characters but I'm hoping they do some creature characters (especially Jabba) as the larger scale might fit in better with the Black Series figures.
  3. It's back! Let AA and DST know what characters you want to see in the future waves! Post your Top 10 characters in any order (be sure to check the definitive list so we don't get duplicates). Also post your Top 2 Spider-Man/Wolverine variants, you know we'll get them. NOTE: Spider-Man/Wolverine Variants are considered different versions/costumes/worlds/times of the characters Peter Parker & Logan along with other people that have worn the same mantle. So Yes to Iron Spidey, Scarlet Spidey, Ultimate Wolverine, James Howlett, etc; No to Venom, Sabretooth, X23, etc. But honestly it doesn
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