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  1. Holy crap, I missed a lot while I was gone....have these come out yet? If not when do they come out?
  2. Edit: *Second Prize only* Mostly because of the chain, but I love the character in general.
  3. What's the easiest way to get acorns? I can't seem to get any.
  4. Not if you were the last fire guy on earth!!!
  5. What counts as 50% translucent? Can or be just the torso, or does it have to be like 4-5 parts?
  6. I have no witty comment but Happy Birthday
  7. Since they claim to "love their fans money" why don't they just make minimates to squeeze some more money out of us and please the fans.
  8. Thank You for explaining that. Now I can stop thinking about how to explain it.
  9. Well, I'm just using common sense here. Wait, why should I use common sense, what a stupid idea. Why would people use that stupid idea?
  10. So Fury should have "killed" Maria Hill and then the Avengers would have come. Also, the species of the planets of the ninth realms should have know this, considering that the darkness was in Asgard, it would have been all over the ninth realm.
  11. They haven't been told yet. This shit happens all the time and we mere mortals are rarely aware. To Thor, 'tis but a mere skirmish. So the world is being destroyed and the avengers don't know?
  12. If this threatens the universe, where are all the other alien races/groups?
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