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  1. There have been multiple occasions where even main line hasbro transformers haven’t transformed, such as the action master lines. Yes the original premise of the line was robots in disguise and the transformation part was a large part of the play pattern however as mentioned above that always meant a trade off where either the robot or vehicle mode looked janky and had what was lovingly called kibble all over it. This led to statues, RED (robot enhance design) figures and all sorts that simply represent one mode and do it without having to accommodate the engineering and parts for bo
  2. Always had a soft spot for Transformers, my walls are covered in MTMTE/LL art and signed covers. License is exciting, masses of repaint potential for DST too, from that first wave alone you've got every random Seeker colour ever, Shackwave, Other emperata victims, Cliffjumper, Bugbite, Nemesis Prime, Magnus san armour, Thunderclash, Pyro etc etc. Transformers was the king of mold reuse and palette swaps, with the benefit that most of them are other characters as opposed to just a blue version of the same bloke. The Kreon lines had a lot of part reuse without becoming stupid. This sit
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