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CaptainPaco's Custom Minimates (Star Trek & DC plus more)

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Thank you so much, Padrino, cylonchaney, buttheadsmate, elhonez and Prowlar.
I appreciate the fact you viewed what I shared. I just don’t have the skill set to do the amazing displays that are in The March of Minimates so I shared my creations here. 

I do have a few that I have not shared yet that are truly from the genre of what Prowlar has done with using parts and compiling them to make new characters. I hope to post them closer to the end of the month. 

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14 hours ago, Minimike said:

These look amazing! Good job! I gotta ask which head was used for super woman.  It looks familiar but I cannot figure it out for the life of me😵‍💫

So sorry, I honestly do not know which Minimate’s head I used for Superwoman. 

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2 hours ago, Freaqualizer said:

The most recent Lady Deathstrike. 😊

I do believe that is correct, looking at the Database and my picture, I believe that is a correct identification.

Thank you to Freaquilzer for providing the id. 

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1 hour ago, Minimike said:

Oh thank you all for your responses and answer to my question that face is perfectly menacing and evil looking! A great choice for earth 3 Superwoman

Thank you, I appreciate the compliment and assistance in figuring out my parts usage.

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Superman and Ultraman about to meet at the dimensional portal between Earth 1 and Earth 3.


Next, Superman about to meet Red Son Superman.


Superman about to meet and Evil Assassin Superman.


Then Superman encounters another variation of himself from an unknown alternate universe.



Here is just the Unknown Superman


and here is just the Assassin Superman (my take on Earth 14 Justice League of Assassins Superman)


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Marvel What If? customs.

Star-Lord T'Challa


Nebula from the What If? about T'Challa as Star-Lord


Mechanical Arm Hawkeye


What If? Wendy Lawson, Winter Soldier and King T'Chaka


What if? Titan Gamora


What If? Doctor Strange lost his heart and not his hands.


What If? Nebula joined the Nova Corps



What If? Peter Parker became the Punisher (saw this on the internet a while back.)


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Posted (edited)

Now a few of my inspired customs (thanks to Prowlar).

Crimson Avian: Emma Bauer: a German girl who was abducted by a Soviet operative and placed into the training program of the Red Room. She befriended Anya Orlova when she snuck back into the program. When they commissioned from the Red Room Training, she also defected to her homeland. When Anya found her new mantle, Emma found some components of a Falcon wing pack. She tinkered the pack and made a costume to allow her to take up the mantle of the Crimson Avian. She is partners with Iron Arachnid and while on the same stakeout, she too slipped in the portal to prime Earth and continues to fight with her partner.



Iron Arachnid: Anya Orlova: a washout of the Red Room on her Earth. She was able to work her way back into the training program but use of a disguise. While she was secretly completing her training, she was also working to bring the program down. Upon completion of her revived training, she defected to Germany to take up a vigilante stance against criminal activity and to fight any Black Windows that may appear in German jurisdiction. She found parts of an Iron Spider suit in a storage locker that must have been overlooked when Shield moved their operations out of Germany. So, she pieced together the parts she found to make a new armor and took up the mantle of the Iron Arachnid. She teamed up with the Crimson Avian and sought out to fight injustice and all criminal activity. Upon a stakeout where she was trailing a Black Widow, she somehow slipped through a portal to the prime Earth and is seeking to find her place.



Osprey: Artem Novikov: This Russian man was the product The Red Room on his Earth, which trained young men to be assassins and mercenaries. This Earth was a Matriarchal planet, so it was opposite of the normal Earth. Once Artem graduated his training, he was sent on his first official mission and realized that the target he was to kill was only a child, he had a change of heart and defected from Russia to Germany. He was visited by a group that had some unusual gear and one gave him a wing pack that would allow him to fly like a bird. So, he took it and adapted it to his mantle of Osprey and became a warrior for justice.  While being assigned to follow a Widow Maker, he slipped through a portal to prime Earth and realized he was out of his elements. Once he figured out, he was not where he was supposed to be, he had to attempt to fit in and make the best of things. He saw duo working to fight crime and he decided to work with them.



Mercy: Angelica Merci: She is the actual angel of Mercy who was ousted from the heavens for having too much passion for the humans. While maintaining her powers she now lives among the humans. Not able to keep her powers hidden, she took up the mantle of Mercy to fight against injustice and terrorism.


Artic Trooper: Steve Rogers from an alternate Earth: Steve Rogers on this Earth did not get the super soldier serum in WWII like he did on Earth 616. This Steve Rogers was the best friend of James Barnes the man who was his Earth’s Captain America. He joined the crew that worked with Captain America (Barnes) to liberate occupied regions in Europe during the war. However, he fell from a train over a cliff and supposedly died.  His body was recovered by an unknow organization and treated to a copy of the super serum. This serum also allowed for Steve to be brainwashed into doing the bidding of this organization.  This organization was based in the Artic and thus gave Steve the codename: Artic Trooper. He as the prototype of a new army.  However, the base suffered a catastrophic environmental issue and become frozen for seventy years.  Steve survived being frozen and was recovered about 70 years later. Still programed to seek out the agents against his organization the Artic Trooper was freed from the ice after global warming allowed the base to thaw. He is on the loose and looking to get revenge against the US and any of its army.  He was pursuing an agent of the US Department of Defense when he was pulled into a portal to Earth Prime where he has learned that is counterpart is Captain American and that James is his equal here.  Will he be able to find Earth 616’s Winter Soldier and coerce him to assist in plotting to take out America?


Feral Rogers: Steve Rogers: Captain America was on the run on his Earth after the events of that Earth’s Sokovia Accords much like prime Earth. So, this Steve Rogers took to the jungles of Africa and sort of worked to help the local tribes while keeping on the low from the Governments. One day, Steve noticed the wreckage of what appeared to be a Yautja spaceship. On board the ship, he discovered two corpses of a Yautja hunting team who appeared to have perished in the crash. He noticed one corpse was bare while the second one further back in the ship was wearing some sort of gear. So he removed and donned the gear of the Yautja and now calls himself Feral Rogers. This gear had some technology built into it that allows him to cloak himself to blend into his surroundings. He figured someone else had removed the gear from the first corpse. Feral Rogers works with the local tribes to help keep them safe and protected from outside forces. He does work in the shadows of Wakanda, but he limits his contact.

Feral Panther: One of a new line of Black Panthers: A young man, T’Wobe Weba, who may be of royal blood but not for sure, he lives with a family on the edge of Wakanda. The dome was down one day, and he wandered outside but got too far way and got locked out when the dome came back online. So, he wandered around and come upon the remains of a crashed Yautja spaceship and inside he round two corpses of Yautja. The gear they had was primal but had technology included. This young man took one set of the gear and then found himself back at the edge of the dome just as it was down once again, and he got back inside. The tech in his new gear allowed him to cloak himself and he used that to get to the special herb that was given to the chosen Black Panther.  He got enough of the herb to allow him to be a Black Panther and then went to get an older Black Panther suit. Once he did this, he took the herb and became the Feral Panther.  He exited the dome once again and returned the crash site only to see Stee Rogers donning the second corpse’s gear. When Rogers got pulled in the portal, he was toll cos and got pulled in as well. Now he works with Feral Rogers to protect all the tribes of the jungle as well as the world from terrorism and crime.


Edited by Captain Paco
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Something I worked on but never shared.

The Hydra’s Vindicators: the Avengers if Hydra was in control created the team and not S.H.I.E.L.D.


Raubvogel, Hammer, Eisen Mann, Baron Hydra, Captain Hydra, Grun Widow, Bowman.


Cable, Anti-Vison, Blitzmann, Smaragd Hexe Eisen Faust, Krieg Maschine

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Inspiring stuff ,really beautiful .


It's ironic that in the current thread, 'DC Minimates', it is being explained, to those (like me) that hadn't realised , that Marvel Minimates are no longer marketed as having interchangeable parts & accessories . 

Stunning stuff .



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10 hours ago, Prowlar said:

I absolutely love Avian and Mercy. The backstory is great.


Thank you very much. Prowlar you are the inspiration for why I have made some of those recent customs.

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3 hours ago, buttheadsmate said:

Inspiring stuff ,really beautiful .


It's ironic that in the current thread, 'DC Minimates', it is being explained, to those (like me) that hadn't realised , that Marvel Minimates are no longer marketed as having interchangeable parts & accessories . 

Stunning stuff .



Thank you, glad you enjoyed them. I hope to get more out there to share sooner than later.

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Posted (edited)

I have found two customs I made and stuck in the wrong place.

Here is Green Lantern Jade.


and here is the Atom. I used a Walgreens Wave 2 Gamora head and arms, a Wave 79 Gamora hairpiece, a white blank chest block and hip unit, black legs from a Salaak, and then the boots/feet from Sin from the Fear Itself: the Worthy Box Set. The magic thingy is something I added to make it look like her power ring was engaged. I added a custom chest decal.


I know it is not 100% accurate but I am happy with him. Mostly Wave 31 Captain Marvel without the gold  wrist bands but added a belt and a chest decal and removed the hairpiece.

Edited by Captain Paco
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So I am working on more customs.

I have a DC Enchantress and a Ras al' Ghul in the works. Also have a Eris (Wonder Woman villain) in progress.

I also have the New Reichmen from Earth 10 in the works: Overman, Leatherwing, Brunhilde, Blitzen, Underwaterman and a Green Lantern.

I also have Justice League Legacy in the works: Hunter Prince (Wonder Woman's son), Eldoris Curry (Aquaman's Daughter), Cube (Cyborg's Son) and then Jason & Jenny Allen (Flash & Jessica Cruz' twins). Nora Allen is still an idea at this time.

I have tweaked my Amalgam customs: I have Thundra (Wonder Woman/Thor), Iron Bat, Super Soldier, Dr. Strangefate, Aquamariner and Archer (Hawkey/Green Arrow). I have also made a Supermutant (Bishop/Superman), Martian Phoenix (Jean Grey/Martian Manhunter), Amazon (Wonder Woman/Storm variation), Icebreaker (Iceman/Aquaman), Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell/Shazam) and Redshot (Cyclops/Deadshot).

I have also tinkered with a few variations of Black Widow to make White Widow, Green Widow, Scarlet Widow, Primal Widow and then I have two other Widows and a variant of Crimson Widow.

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Posted (edited)

So here are a few more customs or custom "Works in Progress".



Aquawoman from DC's Earth 11 (the trident is only to have her holding something & I don't have any gold ones for her.)



Hal Jordan (Green Lantern of the USA) from Earth 30 (Red Son Superman)



Felix Faust


The next few are Wonder Woman Villains


Eris (or at least my interpretation of the Goddess that clashed with Wonder Woman over the years.)



Circe (or my interpretation of the Wonder Woman Villain: and yes Marvel also has a version of this character.)



Silver Swan (or again my interpretation of the Wonder Woman Villain.)

Then here is a WIP:


Ras al Ghul (not sure if I want to paint the gray streaks in his hair or what I should do.)


And then I have two version of the next Batman Villain.


Lady Shiva (version 1)



Lady Shiva (version 2)

I like both of them but not sure I need to have both versions.

Edited by Captain Paco
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Here are some concepts for Justice League Legacy.



Hunter Prince (Wonder Woman's son, raised by Superman, in a future timeline)



Eldoris Curry (Aquaman and Mera's daughter in a future timeline.)



Cube (Cyborg's son in a future timeline.)



Jenny and Jason Allen (They are the twin children of Barry Allen's The Flash and Green Lantern Jessica Cruz in a future timeline.) They are also Lanterns that can channel all the colors of the spectrum not just Green. Jenny favors White, while Jason leans to the Black but each use all of them. (from what I have read about them.)


I am still trying to work on a Nora Allen for the series but not sure how to do her just yet with the parts and such I have. However, I am still going to be toying around with the figure.

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