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CaptainPaco's Custom Minimates (Star Trek & DC plus more)

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Hello, This is a new greating as of 14 January 2021.

I have a vast collection of mainly Star Trek Minimates.  Most of my collection is made up of my customs.  I do get ideas from my fellow Multiversers and other sites on the internet.

I have at least one of every Star Trek Minimate ever released by DST.  I do have at least one sealed package of each and then one opened package of each on display.  I then have multiple extras I have used for making my customs.  My favorite customs would be My Mirror Universe version of Chekov, McCoy and Scotty along with the Mirror TNG crew (minus Yar and Wesley).  I also have Mirror Janeway, Mirror Sisko and two versions of Mirror Archer.  I even have made a Mirror Orion female officer as seen on the episode "In a Mirror, Darkly".

I also have a love of DC comics so I do try to make customs from that universe, My favorite would be All of Them.  I also dabble in custom Lego minifigures.  I have the Justice League, the Legion of Doom, The Crime Syndicate, The Death Metal Batmen, a representative of each of colors of the Lantern Corps.  I do also have a Batman/Batwoman representative of each color in the Lantern Spectrum, including white and black.  I even have custom lego Black Lanterns of the Justice League.  I also have made a few Amalgam customs (DC/Marvel) out of Legos.

But this will always be for me sharing my Minimates and I hope to be able to keep making customs for as long as I can.  I do enjoy sharing my creations and hope you all enjoy viewing them.  If you want to copy my work that is fine, but know that I have likely copied it from someone else.  Prowl-Ar is a big inspiration to me and I respect him enough to attempt to share if I have copied him but if I don't, I know he knows I value his work.

I do primarily try to make my customs without having to paint or cut.  I do sometimes use decals, and when I do, I have gotten them mainly from Luke of Luke's Toy Store.  Sometimes I do make paper labels and just use a glue stick to adhere them to my mate, that way if need to dismantle the mate it will come off very easy and not much sticky left behind.

I appreciate all the Minimate Multiverse Brothers and Sister out there and hope life is being good to you in the chaos of the world we now live in.

Thank you for providing this forum for us to bond over something that brings us join.

Kameron (aka Captain Paco)


Below is my original first post which has been modified a few times as I have made updates and such:

I am trying my hand at making Star Trek Minimates that have not been made. I am not great at sculpting but I will give it a chance. Most of my customs are going to be quick changes or altered parts by using a little paint or the use of sharpies.

I also will be attempting to branch out from Star Trek and make other minimates as well but to start off I am focused on Star Trek but keep watching as I will from time to time stick in Non-Trek mates.

I had a listing on here but it was not titled well so I started a new one to showcase my customs better. (I wanted to add that I attempt to get the mates in the best focus I can but my camera is not the best and I appologize for the fuzzy/blurry images. I am working to see about getting a new camera.)

Special Thanks to Luke314pi and TM2 Dinobot for either helping me by producing decals for me or by helping me get parts I needed to make the characters I have envisioned I want for my collection.

My first custom was Captain Janeway from Star Trek Voyager.

I used Commander Sisko for the arms, legs, chest and hip. I used BSG Cally for the hair & hands and a female head but not sure whose it was.

59b1b4cad79a0_JanewayMinimateprotoype1-1-Copy.jpg.b14c66f4b468b8b0592c1825955c7298.jpg   SDC10781.jpg.26323c1a9b456b077e395b402b0dfd7c.jpg

After I got a few more minimate parts, I retired the first version and reworked Janeway by altering her head and hair. (the hair I think is from a BSG female [Athena I think] but I forget whose head it is.)

(Since DST officially released a Janeway minimate, this one has been retired from my personal custom collection and I have since reused the parts in other custom creations.)

Then I tinkered with Andorians after the release of the Atlantian Soldier minimates.

I wanted them to look like Mercenaries and piece them together with BSG minimates parts and a few others. Their antennae are clipped blue plastic paper clips. 
AndorianMinimates10101.jpg.fc082b86ef8dc7d844afa1f7f043530d.jpg    SDC10734.jpg
After Star Trek Enterprise action figures came out with Shran the Andorian, I used Thor Movie mates to update the customs in my collection. I felt like this made them look more fitting the Star Trek universe overall.

I have several more customs and I will add them as soon as I can get the rest of the photos in my computer.  Thank you for letting me share with all of you.


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My Romulan Prototypes


(As of 7/30/12: The only Romulan from the picture above that still exists is the one on the left. I decided the one on the right did not look Romulan enough so I parted him out. But the one on the left has been redone and appears later in another posting.)

From "Bread & Circuses" I have made a very easy customs of Gladiator Spock and Gladiator McCoy.

SDC10738.jpg.3b0944538137660221477588b86a30c3.jpg  SDC10741.jpg.f898597d46fb488fbcba93c72afe1097.jpg

I even made episode specific gladiator shields for them and even in their colors form that episode.

Next I made a minimate of Shahna from "The Gamesters of Triskelion" with some creative licensing in here attire.


I used She-Hulk's hair and The White Witch's body and head with the white parts painted silver. I used a trident from my extra accessories for her to have a weapon but I am not good at sculpting a weapon from the episode.

I thought I would do a quick custom for the two Cherons that are in the episode "Let That Be Your Last Battlefield"

Cherons.jpg.f1acb2b0dde93f5a34b2caab1f9f4603.jpg    SDC10728.jpg.819dd1ac85bd60f12e8793733f8f2622.jpg

I used templates for the faces I found at Luke314pi's decal site only I printed them on paper and then used a black sharpie to make half the face black. I wrapped the paper around the head and used the hair to old it on. Still have them that way.

I realized that I did not like using the Pike bodies on the Cherons, so I reworked them and I am happy with them now except Lokai's belt on his pants. I forgot where the bodies came from but Bele's is silver painted and Lokai's is just a grey body I had but have to live with the belt on it for now. I am sure I will find a body that works down the road.

City on the Edge of Forever Custom minimates of Kirk and Spock


Did not make Spock in the beanie because I was going for the look where he is in his room at the boarding house and is not wearing it.

More to come in my next update.

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that spock would be perfect if you substitute a beanie from vigilante spidey from the new movie wave in place of a hair piece. nice work on all of them I luuuuv trek customs.

Thank you for that idea. I was wondering how to get a beanie on him. I have not seen the vigilante Spidey in my area yet but I will be on the look out. Don't get to our TRU very often as it is sort of out of my way. But I will be on the look out.

I have more to add and will do so soon.

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Here are Sulu and Kirk from the pilot episode, "Where No Man Has Gone Before"


Simple head swaps, used an extra Pike body and then put Kirk's head on it, then used a "The Cage" Spock body and swapped Sulu's head & hands to make this figure.

My Mirror Mirror Customs

Chekov, Scotty and McCoy all have chest decals made for me by Luke314pi. Chapel is just my way of using a few extra parts with my extra Moreau body, since she was not seen in that episode in the mirror universe. (I lost the original image of just the four customs without the produced mates.)

Now here they are pictured with the Mirror Mirror box set mates.


The Mugato was an ape-like carnivore that inhabited the subtropical savanna regions of the planet Neural in the episode "A Private Little War".  (And I tried to make a Tyree from that Episode as well. as of a later date than when this was originally posted.)

p5kKZkH.jpg                          rT4wSNY.jpg    

A Gorilla Grodd painted white with sculpty used for the horn and the spikey spine ridge and tail. (I am not the best with sculpty so I am sorry it does not look as good as I hoped.)

I still have a few more, coming soon.

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updated link for images
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Great job! I like how many classic characters you obviously are interested in. :)

Well done!

Thank you, I appreciate the interest. TNG is my favorite of the Star Trek Universe but I work with what I have.

I will be posting my TNG customs soon. I am hoping to get LaForge up to par for posting.

Keep watching as I post more I have done.

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I attempted to make a simple custom as I wanted Lt. Ilia from ST:TMP before she was abducted by V'GER to be used as the Probe.

Here she is pictured with Commander Decker, her lover from a previous mission.


I used a Decker Body to make her and simply drew her breasts on with a .01 tip pen.

Here is Commander Uhura in a Movie Uniform with her skirt. I believe she wore a skirt in STIII &/or STIV.  (She is pictured with Scotty and Kirk.)


I used the chest piece from an extra Movie Kirk and colored the appropriate parts grey for her division. I took the skirt from President Roslin and used a black sharpie on the white stripes. I used the TOS Head and legs from the Wave 2 Uhura. I need to paint here earrings gold because they would look better but I am holding off for now.

I realized her hair was not grey enough so I grayed it some after I took this picture and I will try to get an updated image when I can.

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updated link for images
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I did a Captain Janeway and she looked lonely so I am working on a couple of crew members for her.

I used Commander Sisko bodies. I made Tom Paris with a Unmasked Spiderman head and hair but removed the chin mark.

I am working on Chakotay all that I need to do is the tattoo over his left eye.


My favorite character from TNG was Chief O'Brien then he went to DS9. I felt that Captain Sisko needed a pal so I had Luke314pi make me a face and chest decal and here is DS9 Chief O'Brien (with his sleeves at normal length.)


I am saving posting my TNG figures after LaForge is done and I hope that is very soon.

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Here is Captain Picard in the uniform style he was seen wearing in "Star Trek First Contact" & "Star Trek Insurrection". I simply took Picard's head and hands from his minimate and swapped them for Captain Sisko's. With him in this picture is Counsellor Deanna Troi from Star Trek The Next Generation. I attempted to print my own TNG decals and practiced with paper. I liked what I had but it did not work for anyone else I tried to make. I sharpied the arms and the torso other than where the chest decal went. I used hair from my extra Mirror Moreau and I forget the head I used. I think she looks okay, but that is JMO.

Then I had Luke314pi make me a face decal for Commander Riker and I used a Picard body to make the character.


Next I made Dr. Beverly Crusher. I used a chest and face decal again made by Luke314pi. I used a GB blue lab coad and arms because she was seen alot in that lab coat.


I took some extra trek bodies I had and make Tasha Yar and Data. They each have chest decals make for me by Luke314pi. Data's face is also a decal from Luke. I am not sure whose's hair Data has but Yar's is from a BSG Starbuck I got in a lot of parts. I think the head for Yar is also Starbuck's but can't recall. I am okay with these as I already have them on display in my office and they look nice in the case.

I now have a TNG O'Brien because he was on both TNG and DS9 and he was my favorite character so I wanted him in both versions. Again all the chest decals for Yar, Crusher, Data and O'Brien were from Luke314pi as were the face decals for Crusher, Riker, Data and O'Brien.

I think I have shared all the customs I have for now. I am going to be working to finish LaForge this week and then will update later when him in the crew shot. I will continue as I can working on customs for Star Trek. I am trying to see about making Enterprise Crew member but at a loss for Tucker, Archer and T'Pol as well I would like to make a Jadzia Dax, I think I can pull her off. I hope you like all I have done so far.

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City on the Edge of Forever Custom Minimates: Spock redone with the beanie from the Vigilante Spidey.


I am disappointed with my WIP of Lt Cmdr Geordie LaForge from ST:TNG. Next Generation Minimates/SDC10749.jpg  (This image was on my Photobucket account and no longer have access to it but will leave the description here since others have referenced it.)

The gold paint I used was Testors Gold enamel and it is not drying and it wont let me detail it like I have done in the past on other things I have used it on.  I was going to sculpt the visor but it was too much of a pain so I decide to paint it on but it is also a major pain. Sorry image is blurry, my camera sucks. 

Thank you for letting me share.

I will have more down the road to share.

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Very nice Trek customs.All look great I would love to see another pic Geordi it came out a little blurry :sad: .You have got a very nice collection growing for sure!

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Here is an update: I finished my LaForge. I am not 100% happy because the paint did not cooperate. I did my best and I am happy to share him but I wish I could have done a lot better.

Here is a shot of just the three women from TNG.

Here is the whole crew of my custom TNG Characters except Worf and Captain Picard. Not sure I will ever make Worf but I may fork up the money and have Luke314pi make him for me (not sure).


Here is my three custom Voyager Minimates. I tried to tattoo Chakotay and it works for me but not exactly like it should be.

Will try to post individual shots of the crew members as I can. Thank you for allowing me to share.

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Great stuff Capt. I would plunk down cash for the edge of forever set in a hurry, very sharp.

Thank you very much, I am touched by that comment.

If I had the parts to make a second set I would consider selling it. Maybe one day I might be able to find the parts to make a second set.

I am trying very had to find premade pieces to make an Edith Keeler but no luck and I suck at sculpting.

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Bilbofett, Thank you for the idea for a visor. I tried to sculpt one but it did not work so I decided to paint it on. I will look to see if I can get a Cyclops and try to modify my LaForge.


I will be posting a new version of my Lt. Tom Paris minimate some time after 9 July 2012. I hope to have my Lt. Cmdr. Jadzia Dax done by then. I am even hoping to have my custom Number 1 from "The Cage" done by then if I can find the right looking hair. I am enjoying my customizing and I hope all of you are enjoying looking at my collection. One day I hope to have a picture of all my TOS mates (standard and custom). I am glad you all have allowed me to share with you here.

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I redid my Tom Paris Custom; Here is the new version.

Here is my Romulan Ambassador to look more like I wanted him to. He is a representation from "Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country".

As promised individual images of my TNG customs.



Data (still a little blurry)






DS9 O'Brien & TNG O'Brien


Voyager Chakotay


I will post more when I get back from my vacation if I get a chance to finish them one day at the end of my time off.

Thank you.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I finally had a chance to make a Jadzia Dax minimate.


In the above image, Dax is with my Custom DS9 O'Brien mate and the Standard issue Captain Sisko mate.

I hope she looks okay to all of you, I am happy with her.

I am hoping to start work on Keiko O'Brien, Guinan and Major Kira (not sure how to do the nose ridges since Minimates don't have noses.)

I will post more as soon as I can.

Edited by Captain Paco
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I had once made a Captain Sisko from the episode "Trials & Tribble-ations" and used the wrong rank on the sleeves. So I have corrected the figure and here he is.


Then I had a little fun and took the O'Brien head of my TNG O'Brien and put it on Scotty's TOS body to make O'Brien from that same episode.


However, I took the O'Brien head and put it back on my TNG O'Brien for the display to be complete. So this version of O'Brien only exists in photo form for now.

Here are my three Voyager characters as the appear in my display on my office desk.



I was asked by a friend to make a small collective for him. He gave me some parts and a couple of Borg mates and I tinkered with them for a small Borg Army of sorts.

He told me I could borrow them if I wanted for pictures anytime I wanted. I hope to take him up on that and create a small scene of Picard upon a Borg ship.

Also, I wanted a different look to the Klingon minimates, so I tinkered with them as well.

I have replaced the hairpiece on my custom Riker figure. This one I feels give him more of the Jonathon Frakes look.

I will be working on Kira from DS9 and will post more customs as I can. I do plan to keep make Trek mates as long as I can with what I can. I have ideas for an Edith Keeler, but having trouble with the hair and hat. I am even trying to think of what to use to make Captain Archer and T'Pol as well as Trip. I would also like to make a Seven of Nine but her hair would be the hard part for me since I can't sculpt for the life of me.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Okay, I have not finished my Kira Nerys, yet but working on her. I am still trying to work on Guinan's hat for a mate.

However, I wanted to share with y'all, my new Romulan customs. I still have my ambassador from ST6 but now I have three from the original series and two from TNG.

Here are the original series versions. I took some artistic licensing.


Individual shots

Female Romulan Commander, Nevesa

Male Romulan Commander, Keras

Used my extra Sarek face since Mark Leonard portrayed both Sarek and the first Romulan Commander we see on Star Trek.

Romulan Centurian

May sometime down the road make the ugly gold helmet most Romulan Centurions wore on the series but for now he is okay without it.

Here are my Next Generation Romulans.


Here are the individual shots:

Commander Sela (Tasha Yar's Daughter who is only 1/2 Romulan)


Romulan Officer


I finally took a picture of my custom Jadzia Dax without any other mates in the frame.


I hope they look okay. Again I took some creative licensing as I like the look of the TOS Romulans without the black spots, so I left them solid silver. The TNG Romulans have a hint of a secondary color on them but I liked them pale so I did not darken the secondary color.

I hope to get Kira done soon; as well as Guinan.

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I am still working on a Guinan Mate. I have one last touch on my Major Kira Nerys mate then she will be done. I even made a Seven of Nine mate but have to touch up her left eye details. I will be trying to post images of Kira and Seven very soon. Guinan is on hold because her paint is not wanting to cooperate.

Hope you all are enjoying my trek mates. I am even making a spoof of Star Trek as Ghostbusters and then have a few Marvel Trek mates that I will be posting soon as well.

Until then, Have a good day.

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