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Long shots.


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On 3/1/2018 at 1:36 PM, BuffaloDelorean said:

How about the Squadron and Nighthawk's team from Squadron Supreme? Scarlet Centurion would be good too.

Oh God yes. Mark Gruenwald's Squadron Supreme is one of my favorite Marvel comics and I would LOVE to see them, but it's not gonna happen. We did get some in the Animated line, and if you do some headswaps with Spectrum and Hyperion they are at least close.

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If US TRU liquidates soon, Infinity War, Marvel Wave 26, Kingdom Hearts Series 1 and Alien Series 4 could all go missing indefinitely until whomever buys their inventory starts parting it out...which could be months after the fact.

Or it could all migrate north of the border, as TRU Canada sounds like it might last a little longer...

Or DST could find some way to offer that product on their own website or solicit to comic shops.

Or BHM could come to the rescue, buy it all up and work out some logistics with Luke for distribution...

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Ok at this point whom I see as long shots are


The Inhumans. Without a TVshow or a comic book line this is just pretty done at this point.  I am gutted because I love them and would love to see the full family represented in a toyline.At the bare minimum Crystal since we have all her husbands and her dog made but bygones.rotator_xlarge_uncanny.jpg


I hate to call it but giving how Alpha Flight did. I would not expect to see Gen X ever. 



Nor Great Lakes Avengers



I am getting concerned that too much time has passed for us to get a completed X-Force in these costumes:



Or "New Mutants in these costumes:








Lastly I am not seeing a path toward big X-Men events or teams of the past like this:





Also... RIP DC Mininmates I stan for you always. 


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2 hours ago, Psyguy said:

I'm working on a custom set of Marauders!

As far as sets I'd like to see, I'd love The Winter Guard. We basically have Ursa Major already using Tekken Kuma parts.

I made the Winter Guard a couple years ago; you're right, that bear is for all intents and purposes Ursa Major.

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Image result for cereal minimates

I would like to see all of these guys made and even the Trix Rabbit, Lucky, Count Chocula, Frankenberry and Boo Berry the ghost.

But likely never to happen as I am not talented enough to custom make these guys.

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