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Walgreens Marvel 'Mates

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My local Walgreens, the one that hasn't received any new sets since series 1, got these in. I was preparing to make the rounds and at the last minute figured i'd start there, very glad I did! Saved me time and gas.

I grabbed a Kang set and a Proxima Midnight set. Both figures turned out very nice, love the bright colors on Kang but will probably stick with the original as my main one. The PM headpiece is pretty wild, not at all what I expected. I'm still curious as to why DST went with the head design they chose as opposed to a helmet. Speaking of helmets,  Kangs helmet reminds me of someone else in the Marvel universe but I just can't place it.

Also, re: Proxima Midnight. Part of the reason I found her name so amusing a few pages back (and still do) is because i thought she was a character they made up for the animated show. The name just seemed like something that was thrown together. Imagine my surprise in finding out she's a 616 character. Curious to see if the rest of the Black Order shows up in the future. Just might build them up around Thanos in the villains display. Maybe.

Regardless,  i'm very glad that new waves are showing up locally. Hope it's a sign of distribution improving.

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51 minutes ago, Ronan The Accuser said:

My local Walgreens, the one that hasn't received any new sets since series 1, got these in.

I've found the same thing to be true for me as well. Two of the stores that haven't restocked since the first couple of waves are the ones that got the new wave. Meanwhile, the stores that have been more reliable as far as restocking newer waves in the past are bogged down with old waves that they restocked. Weird.

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22 hours ago, TENIME_art said:

If I can get them for reasonable prices, I'd take another Hulkbuster or two.

22 hours ago, Heinous said:

Are you talking about the stark hulkbuster or the new banner one? 

I will take a couple extra reasonably priced green Banner Hulkbusters.

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9 hours ago, Heinous said:

Ronan, want to post a pic of PM's head piece you're talking about? 

Sure, let me see if this works. I'm posting from my phone so not sure how this will turn out.

In case it doesn't, let me try to explain. It's a standard minimate head with the "horns" coming out of the side. No over the top piece or neck attachment, like a new head mold with the face/mask tampo added on. Its pretty neat. I'm curious why they didn't give her a blue head with a mask to fit over it.

I took a pic from the back, it seemed clearer that way. Lets see how this turns out!

Eh, it's not turning out. Can't get it to link up or insert the pic. Can anyone else help out with this and post a shot of the head?

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I happened upon three of the newest wave (Banner's Hulkbuster suit/Leader, Midnight/Iron Man and the other avenger set with Kang in it).  I totally thought the fourth set they had was an older set because the packaging was the Spider-man Web-Slingers design and it had been a while since any new Walgreen's mates showed up in Bloomington/Normal, IL that I am aware of.   Will definitely want to get more of Banner's Hulkbuster suit as it is a great mate.


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Just popped into my local Walgreens to get some sweets for my wife. I decided to peek into the toy aisle, and found the whole wave....but wait, there's more! 

Instead of just 1 set, they had 2. I was able to buy 1 each of the Proxima Midnight and Kang set. If anyone is interested.

So, first person to send me a PM can buy them at cost, plus shipping. I paid $8.88.  I can also go back to pick up the other two sets if you'd like. Just let me know. 

These have been claimed. Thanks, Heinous!

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From Walgreens regional manager:


We recently received a communication form from our Customer Relations Department regarding your concern for an out of stock product.

We apologize on behalf of the company for not having this item in stock at our local stores.  Unfortunately, these products re-order themselves through our system.  When they are ordered, it is ordered as an assortment.  This means that we have no control of which SKU's are included in the shipment we receive.  We have no way of requesting certain SKU's as our vendor which sends them, is not able to process it this way.

Hopefully, this explains our situation.  We hope that eventually the SKU's in which you are looking for, do get shipped to our stores and are available for you to purchase.


Thank you,


Walgreens Management






Thanks for nothing!

Anyway, I responded:



Thank you for your response. I believe I demonstrated understanding of the SKU process in my initial request so unfortunately your response is merely reiterating my question. Please direct me towards someone who can help me with this problem.

Thank you!

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18 minutes ago, Mystery Man said:

Desperately lookin' for the following Walgreens sets, because the ones around me are riddled with Hawkeyes/Crossbones. 


Squirre Girl


Speed Demon

Dr. Spectrum


I've got Squirrel Girl and Hyperion.

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They all look very nice and will be welcome in my display! However, I d know that Medusa's hair will certainly be used for a 616 later down the line so that gives me hope. Plus, great idea making it a base! Will she have an extra set of regular length hair at all? Or are we stuck with the upright base. Also, the Abomination fits the animated line perfectly. Hoping for an Osborne head underneath the Patriot. Black Bolt's alt. Head looks very promising and I'm hoping for some white Kirby crackles in there! Great wave!

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New Black Bolt, Medusa, new Abomination, and Ava Ayala in particular look great.

It's good that DST completed Spidey's original team, even if the show is ending soon. Spider-Ham seems like the only core character left.

Between this Abomination and 74's Hulk I'm glad to see some older figures getting bulky updates.

I really wish there were Canadian Walgreens...

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