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  1. Reed is lookin hella daddy ?
  2. Oh daaaaam... these look awesome and I love the new parts for Mr F... I've never followed F4, what costumes are these all from??
  3. mine says it was delivered... but it was not in my mail box
  4. CortherX

    wave 79

    With Diamond shipping again later this month, any word on when these may ship?
  5. So I took a shot at my own Monet, and feeling inspire made Chamber too! I did a similar recipe for M... used wave 10 Mystique chest, used black and red sharpie... the first Shatterstar's legs, with again red sharpie, wave 41 Storm arms and face... i'm not sure whose hair that is.. and a random X-Men belt... Chamber is almost entirely made from a recent animated Venom body with all the muscle pieces removed. Flame is from AvsX Cyclops. I cut up the original Blade's jacket to fit around the flames. And I think the head is Peter Parker with sharpie over the lower half. I think they both turned out pretty good! Husk is an awesome custom I picked up off of Ebay (tho I switched the hair)... I love Generation X and wish we'd get some official mates! Either current versions, or a wave of the original team!
  6. Did you paint/print Monet's outfit? It's perfect and I've been wanting to.maker her too!
  7. I could also see then doing a purple and blue apocalypse
  8. Whaaat an animated X-Men wave?? This is incredible. With everything going in rn release dates are probably up in the air but what sort of time frame before we could see any kind of preview? I'd love an official Morph, and he'd make sense with Sinister, Cyclops and Jean... but since it's someone we've had before my guess is also Juggernaut... even tho I have all the Jim Lee mates, I'm very interested in this wave!
  9. I appreciate the sentiment but dang I guessed Wither and was excited for him! The only character I can think of top my head is Living Pharaoh
  10. There are a few from that first wave I wouldn't mind!
  11. I was surprised to see we're getting another Cyclops who is so similar to Giant Size Cyke... but im excited to use his jacket for my custom Morph!
  12. I'm also surprised we got Cyclops considering he's very similar to the giant sized Cyclops we got not too long ago... BUT it's worth it to me cuz that Jacket is coming right off and going on my custom Morph. Also I think it's funny that they used Avengers BC Phoenix hair on DP, cuz I've been doing the same for a while now! What a great looking wave!
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