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TMNT Minimates - it's official!

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I will say, in regards to the hands/feet/heads coming off easily point, the Raph I took apart for my custom Trenchcoat Raph had really tight connections at the joints. I almost had to boil and pop the hands off the arms and had to trim a bit from the wrist peg to get them to fit in the Thing arms. Not sure if that's a line wide thing, an intentional thing or just a fluke. But the joints seem to be tighter on these than other Minimates I've gotten recently.

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Specialty will not have a keyring.

Mutagen figures are (and will be) incorrect, but this is what the packaging looks like.





BHM, I don't know if I understand what you're asking, but I'll try. KMart/Sears will have the exact same thing. What THEY have will be different from what everyone else has, in three ways.

1. Two different figures - Mutagen Mikey and the Kraang instead of Mutagen Leo/Raph and April.

2. Keychains, like at TRU, but the similarly blind-bagged specialty figures will not have them.

3. Different packaging from specialty and TRU, with the changed lineup on the back and "keychain" on the front.

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Went to my kmart and they were completely oblivious.

Fixed that for you

They were like, " you mean the lego people?" in my head i had complete rage face going on.

Dude, Kmart has never carried Minimates before. You can't expect every employee to have complete product knowledge of every block figure they carry (which there are a lot of. K'nex, Tenkai Knights, Mega bloks, LEGO minifigures, Imaginext, C3, Superhero Squad). Every block figure is going to be a "LEGO people" figure to those who don't care about Minimates. I've worked in the toy section before and I honestly don't care about every single brand of toys that we carry. Why don't you try working retail before raging at people who work there.

This isn't just a Kmart thing. I've been to a few TRUs and sometimes the employees there have never heard of Minimates before even though they carried them for years.

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I asked them if they had the blind bag figures of TMNT and nope.

Wait, i thought C3 was canncelled?

Nope, they still make C3 WWE sets. They're in the same aisle as the LEGO and other construction sets. The C3 figures they have now are very similar to Minimates.

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Waaaaaaay back when, K-Mart carried the DC C3 Minimates.

I'm an old fogey, though, so I may be the only person who remembers those dark, old days.

One of the coolest things about that though was my sister could walk into a Target and buy me a Riddler Flyer as a gift because she saw it while shopping where she normally shops. No matter how much I love my family and they love me, they aren't going to go find a comic shop to get me minimates.

Minimates at retail stores is great.

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Specialty will not have a keyring.

The two-packs do not have more accessories, they just have the keychain attachments.

So you were referring to the TRU 2-packs here?

Yes. Read the posts two before and two after that one. TRU is the only store with TMNT 2-packs. Any discussion of 2-packs since they were announced at NYCC has been in regards to their presence at TRU. They will have keychains, and a variant two-pack with Mutagen Leo, but no extra accessories or anything like that. Edited by DSTZach
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Sorry I meant kmart ones. Most of california were behind getting them because our big DC in Sparks, NV is shutting down and everything is rerouted through the ontario, Ca DC.

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