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Not sure if anyone will see this but I was not sure where else to post this?

I would like to see a Minimates Holiday Set.

Baby New Year that could be transformed into Cupid for Valentine's day.

A Leprechaun that could maybe become and elf for Christmas.

We have Santa from the Elf box set (and the one from A Nightmare Before Christmas) and there are elves in the NBX series, but I more traditional look to each would be nice.

Maybe a twist on a Scarecrow for Halloween and a Pilgrim & Native American for Thanksgiving would be neat.

I have made my own version of the Pilgrim and Native American, and have a Leprechaun I have started but never finished.  I just don't have the right parts for a Baby New Year/Cupid.  I would need the top hat (like the one from John in the Peter Pan set) and bare body parts with a white hip piece and a child like face.  Also would need a sash like the Easter Bunny has in the NBX.  Then to transform him to Cupid you need a hairpiece, wings with harness, and a bow and arrow.  Most of these parts exist just need to get them all in one place.  I like to decorate my office with MInimates year round and would really like a holiday theme set of Minimates.

Just a chance.

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