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Board software upgrade

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I just wanted to let folks know that our board software is scheduled to be upgraded today. Ideally, members will not even notice, but if things look like the negative zone around here in a few hours, just know we are working on it.

That is all...

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We've just undergone almost 3 years worth of software updates in one go!

You're going to have to bear with me while I reskin the entire board and all sorts of stuff as basically EVERY customisation previously made to the site requires redoing....

On the plus side there theres like 1000000000008 new features for me to play with and varying other junk

A word to the wise though, this is gonna take me some time... so please refrain from massively crying in the short term!

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I had to check today's date to make sure it wasn't April Fool's. You guys had me scared for a second!

I'm not sure what the +/- things next to everyone's posts are, but do I get brownie points for giving +'s to staff? :)

Edited by storm 1:08
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While you're messing around with the colors: just in case you like to get back the original MMMV-grey for the background, it was #313131.

I really have to figure out the stuff here and get comfortable with it. Might take a while...


Edit: the quotes look a little strange. There is no border around them or anything. Hard to tell where the quote starts/ends.


Edit: And those "edited by" highlights are very highlighting, right? OK, I stop moaning and start to acclimatize. :whistling:

Edited by Bob Harris
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Heres my current to do list: Basically dont get comfortable with it as now, I put up a temp skin to stop everyone having heart failure, Im well aware its not great!

  • Reskin site with new skin (interim one up for now)
  • Fix Logo
  • Restore Ad banners
  • Remove excess junk under members names (post count, groups etc)
  • Work out how the hell the twitter/Facebook intergration works on logins, especially around bans
  • Get the arcade back??
  • Fix images (emoticons, staff badge, forum icons etc)
  • Do something clever around the RSS feeds/redirects for MMHQ/MMC etc
  • Remove pointless nav links (ie Minimate Multiverse AND forums links up top)
  • Debate what to do over sidebar on main page
  • Fix god awful quote colour and styling
  • Restore spoiler tags
  • Decide what to do with the vote up/vote down options
  • Kill the calendar at the top
  • Spotlight new features (look at the bar down there...Download, print, mail, tweet, dig etc)

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