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MMMV Turns 10 - October Giveaway


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***12/21 UPDATE*** The deadline will be extended until Sunday night at midnight, (10/23 at 12:00 am EDT). The reason is because I have to have two separate mods to help with the picking of the winners, and people are usually busy on the weekend. So, you have one extra day to mull it over and we will announce the winners on Monday now. Thanks!***


Greetings to all ghouls, ghosts, and goblins! It is time once again for the MMMV Turns 10 Giveaway. It's October so that means we are going to have a season appropriate round of giveaways this month. Here's how it will work:

There are four different giveaway packages and each one has a candy associated with it. For instance, one of the candy choices is a Snickers Pumpkin. If you want to be entered in the drawing for the Snickers Pumpkin giveaway package, just post "Snickers Pumpkin", and then you will be entered into that drawing. The only hard part will be choosing which giveaway package to enter for!

MMMV members are eligible to enter. You will have 10 days to post which package you want to try for, (DEADLINE IS 10/22 at midnight, EDT). You can only enter for one of the drawings! Once the deadline has passed, we will have a drawing for each of the four giveaways. Special note to all non-U.S. participants: I will cover the cost of loose shipping, but if you win and want to keep the packaged figures in the package for shipping, then you will be responsible for half of the shipping costs. Please let me know if you have any questions and I will do my best to answer them asap.

And now, here are the four Halloween Giveaway packages to choose from:

#1 - The Twix Ghost Package


This package is full of zombie goodness as well as an "I Love This Town" Ghostbusters Box Set. In addition to the box set, the winner will get a Jay & Silent Bob Zombies 2 pack, three Walking Dead TRU exclusive sets, and a bag of assorted TWD zombie parts to spruce up your horde!


#2 - The Snickers Pumpkin Package

This set is for all of the throwback horror fans of Universal Monsters! The winner will get a Creature From the Black Lagoon Box set, three TRU exclusive black & white sets, and a handful of other loose UM figures from various sets, including Dracula and Frankenstein.


#3 - The Reese's Pumpkin Package


This package is for a complete loose set of the original Marvel Zombies heroes packs, (the box set plus two exclusive two packs), as well as a Marvel Zombies Villains Series 2 Box Set.  Brrrrraaaaaaiiiiiiinnnnnnssssssss!


#4 - The Peeps Ghosts Package


So maybe you aren't into zombies and monsters. No worries, we have you covered! This package includes four Walgreens exclusive Marvel sets, (including the Nighthawk and Power Princess sets from the new wave), as well as four sealed Alice Through the Looking Glass figures from the Hot Topic blind bag series!

So choose wisely before reaching into the MMMV candy bowl and we will be back on the 23rd to announce the winners. Good luck to all!

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Twix Ghost package is my choice and I am alright with the loose shipping option.

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