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  1. My LCS (in Canada) said the same thing about needing to order a whole case. A retailer was willing to get a case (which has 3 homecoming sets) if he could find customers committed to buying 2 of the 3 sets...I just ended up ordering from Lukes. We don't have Walgreens so no walgreens mates in Canada. I'm pretty sure single box sets can be ordered at LCSs for 20 to 30. Not sure why DST can't sell and ship a "wave" for 30 to $40. Another LCS was able to order a single SDCC set (punisher and Daredevil) last year. LOL that was great! It's the best kind of internet compliment isn't it?
  2. and when I browsed the medicom kubrick website it says to buy everything on ebay...which is pretty weird. Are these not popular anymore? I know they're mostly an asian centric toy (designed in japan made in china), but it's just weird buying option.
  3. Thinking about getting in to these. My LCS has some bearbricks from around 2010. Not sure if they're still made nowadays. From what I see on youtube and what not...the collections seem to be more bearbricks designed or inspired by certain artist and not pop culture manifestations. I do have the medicom watchmen set which are awesome to me...and kind of preventing me from picking up the watchmen set of mates (too many duplicates...but I'll probably give in eventually).
  4. Anyone know or can guess the exclusive will be? From what I've read (no references sorry) there will be a single movie based 2 pack so I'm guessing spiderman.
  5. If there is a next wave it should be...the SPOILERS BELOW! Whisperer zombies 1, alpha Whisperer zombie 2, beta Army Fatigue Dwight, Samurai top knot armored Jesus Lydia (carl's girlfriend...although it's pretty much the sophia mate with different hair?), and gimpy long beard short hair Rick...with a claw accessory on his hand Or...amputee prosthetic heath! (who has a cool look)
  6. hey OP...i tried messaging you but I couldn't send it (maybe I'm not allowed to?) have mates for trade! (x-factor warpath)
  7. I never kept up with them...I just picked up this blind bag because it looked like an interesting character. I do prefer the versions of him with the extra set of hands (human or fly) so 4 arms total.
  8. I think it looks great and has loads of sculpt detail. Perhaps the turtle license is safe after all?
  9. Wow a dr manhattan vinimate! I'm hoping for matte and translucent variants.
  10. I'm really excited for this line and I'm hoping I can get help with any TRU releases because we won't do get those in Canada usually. But ya! I kind of wish there was a way to make the Rorsache mask one of those pullover type pieces like wave 28 deadpool and several spider men, but then the hat would be a problem. And hopefully the smiley face bloody button shows up somewhere (maybe as an accessory)
  11. lol...I'm thinking this will's gonna be YUUUGE!
  12. I am happy enough. It's a fairly cheap blind bag of $3.50 Canadian. Apparently the older rangers from the 20th anniversary had ninja heads with removable helmets and the paint job might have been better (diamond striping around across the front and back of the boot area). Other than these I only have a Halo ghost, spartan, and elite box set that I bought for $5 at a surplus store. The rangers are more cartoony for sure. Bought I did buy this set today and am happy with how alpha looks for $13 (thanks to a mis labeling on the shelf...normally $20 canadian). This is a picture of the set I have now. Pretty crowded lol. Not sure if I'll buy the blue and yellow rangers from their respective zord sets. Plus the red ranger from the blind bag is translucent. The normal opague red ranger is with his t rex zord. The Megazord is priced at $34 where I am. Also, their weapons are just reused molds and not really representative of the actual ranger weapons. There is that new line of ranger 6 inch figs that have Marvel Legends type build a figure pieces with them that are detailed but are priced at $20-$25...but I think they are overly musculature compared to the show. Best single figure would have to be the white ranger. I just really like miniatures!
  13. I'm hoping these new power ranger mini figs from Mega Construx (a rebranding of Mega Blocks?) blind bags sell well so they make another series. I have made a cheat sheet based on info i found online. It works! There is an alphanumeric code printed with black ink on the back above the upc label that has AXX... on it red ranger is A09... etc. My favorite would be the white ranger hands down.
  14. Sentinel vinis would be amazing! I imagine the hardcore collectors would buy armies of them.
  15. man this movie is so still think they made a good decision to change the ending from the comic book. COMIC SPOILER AHEAD Weird genetically engineered alien that telepathically kills everyone would have played very poorly compared to bombs. I think at the time Regan said something about fighting aliens uniting people, but the cold war threat of bombs in the 80s made for a much better choice on film.
  16. Wow 2 pops in a stocking! Didn't think all of that would fit. Jelly of that Hulk Pool. Need that to complete the Avenger pool set I started with the Deadpool 4 pack.
  17. congrats winners. Hope you post what you get
  18. I installed it on my phone a month or two ago. Switched to a new phone and I can't find the app now.
  19. we could be best friends lol! I really want that set for Zero...magneto would just be a bonus
  20. they were slightly better than ebay prices...but still an arm and a leg for me.
  21. With my luck at just having purchased a lot of the xmen 90s mates for an arm and a leg, they'll re-release Gambit, Storm, etc.
  22. I wonder how they'll do the web pits. I like the ones from the best of, but it doesn't make sense/look that good for certain poses (arms up for example)
  23. So many to choose from. I would have to go with this from what I currently own and how it all started everything for me. So thanks DST for taking a chance on an Image property. I've been hooked and probably have over 100 pieces now. I added loki's cape to Invincible's Mark Grayson. And for the charity stuff, we've been doing the food bank thing (church drop offs). I wouldn't know what to get kids nowadays, but I'll look around my area and see if I can donate some of my extra funko pops.
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