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Secret Santa 2013 - Official Thread


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Secret Santa 2013

Ladies, Gentlemen, and those of you who have yet to make up your mind, welcome to the

Official Minimate Multiverse 2013 Secret Santa Thread.

The MMMV has a proud tradition of celebrating the holidays with candy, customs, toys & more all wrapped up in a parcel of festive surprise gift giving.

While our resident Secret Santa wrangler is on a leave of absence, I’ll be your stand-in.

This is my first time attempting something like this, so please… be gentle with me.

Each year, our Secret Santa session is generally broken down into 3 stages:

Stage 1 involves each participant sending me their information, me sorting and randomly assigning you each a Secret Santa.

Stage 2 involves all of you checking your email, finding out who your recipient will be, buying/baking/assembling/conjuring a gift for them and posting it.

Stage 3 involves guessing who your Secret Santa was & the final reveals.

Sound like fun? Then let’s get into the nitty gritty, shall we?

As with last year’s Secret Santa, there is no minimum trading feedback needed to participate. However, if you are relatively new to the MMMV (ie: you’ve been an active member for less than 6 months), please contact me directly before signing up to be approved.

The Santa’s will be broken up into 2 groups: Those who want to ship exclusively within the USA, and those willing to ship World Wide.

By participating you are agreeing to be bound by the rules of 2013 Secret Santa. Failure to adhere may result in negative feedback being left, and may hurt your chances of being allowed to participate in future Secret Santas here at MMMV. You may also be trampled to death by a group of mutated, ill-tempered reindeer - although this is pure speculation, and the odds of this happening probably quite slim. Probably….. dry.png

Those wishing to participate will need to supply the following details to me via email, not PM ( by November 5th, 2013.

*MMMV forum name.

*E-mail address.

*Shipping details (your name and full address, including post-code & country).

*Special shipping instructions (if any).

*Are you willing to be a backup Santa?

*Do you want to ship exclusively within the USA or are you happy to ship internationally?

*Is there anyone you DON'T want to be assigned to for any particular reason?

*Items you are interested in receiving (a link to your haves/wants list can often be helpful, but please include an actual list of items in your message – not just the link).

*Any Items you absolutely do not want.

*Any additional info Santa should know (do you have any allergies that may prohibit certain items making good gifts? Does your country have particularly strange/strict import quarantine regulations? etc…).

Please supply a list of reasonable items you’d be happy to receive. I can’t stress reasonable items strongly enough. Let’s have a look at those two words and why they’re important here;

1) Reasonable: We’d all love a Gold Spider-Man minimate and a signed copy of X-Men #1 in mint condition, but the likelihood that those items will be available to your Santa, and within his/her budget is pretty slim. And keep in mind that there is a minimum amount to spend, so be sure to include items that could accommodate that.

2) Items: Plural. The bigger/longer your list, and the more diversity it shows, the more likely it is that your Santa will be able to find something for you that you’d actually like to receive. So – try and think of a number of things you/d like to receive, and not be restrictively specific. If your list is particularly short or doesn’t allow much room for free thinking, you might end up getting a follow-up email from me asking for more hints when your Santa can’t find the limited edition Bowen Mr. Sinister Bust #001 of 900 that you wanted (for example).

Once everyone has submitted their information, I’ll be using the combined magic of a random number generator and the internet to assign each participant a Secret Santa, and forward you their information.
Keep an eye out in your inbox, as I will be sending out your recipients details on about the 9th of November.

International Packages should be sent off by 2nd of December.

Packages within the USA should be sent by December 12th.

This *should* allow sufficient time for parcels to reach their intended destinations, and gives just under a month for Santas to find something for their Secret Child (uh, we might need a better name for that). The sooner you can send it, the less likely hood that there will be a grown man or woman crying like a child on Christmas day because they think that their Secret Santa has forgotten them.

One you have received your gift, please post your guess as to who your Santa was in this thread. And, technology permitting, it’d be nice to see pictures of your haul, too! Aside from the fun of playing a guessing game & gloating about your gifts, this will also provide relief to your actual Secret Santa who may be worried that their gift hasn’t yet reached you.

For those who cannot guess who their Secret Santa is, all will be revealed in this thread in the new year.

If for any reason you can’t send a gift, email me immediately. If you don’t think you’ll be able to send a gift in the first place, then I suggest you don’t sign up to begin with. However, if your circumstances change after you have already signed up, please get in touch as soon as possible. I like to think I am both reasonably manly, and a reasonable man. If there is a genuine reason that you can no longer send a gift, I’m going to be pretty cool about it, but I need to know right away, so that I can pass on your responsibilities to the next in line.

Communication is the key.

Failure to send a gift and failure to communicate about it may result in a bloody, reindeer hoof-related punishment as outlined above.

The minimum value of the gift sent should be US$10. There is no maximum. Feel free to send your Secret Child (really? We *still* don’t have a better name yet?) as many gifts as you like. If you want to spend more, you are more than welcome to – but keep in mind that *your* Santa may have a limited budget and only send you a $10 gift.

I think that covers most of it. If you have any questions, please pm me – or even ask them here in the thread.

Let the fun begin

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Thanks for organizing this! I would also recommend that people include characters that they would like to receive custom minimates of on their wants list. ;)

I will also throw in that if anyone would like to order their gift through Luke's Toy Store, mention secret santa in the comments box and I will throw in a random free 3D printed accessory.

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That's an awesome offer, Luke! Many Thanks!

I've already had quite a few sign-ups in the first couple of days, so keep em coming.

Just a reminder to include the .au at the end of the email address.... I don't want anyones wish-list going astray.

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That's an awesome offer, Luke! Many Thanks!

I've already had quite a few sign-ups in the first couple of days, so keep em coming.

Just a reminder to include the .au at the end of the email address.... I don't want anyones wish-list going astray.

Now I'm worried. Can we expect a confirmation email or list of participants before the 5th?

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Now that the madness of Halloween is over, just a reminder that you have until the 5th to get your Secret Santa info to me.

@ pappymojo - yes, i'll be sending out confirmations before the actual lists go out :)

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Thanks to all for getting on board.

I realised that i said applications need to be in by November 5th, but didn't specify who's November 5th. biggrin.png

It's already the 5th here in Oz, but I'm going to put out one last call to anyone who's interested & give you guys till tomorrow to get involved. I'll send out confirmation emails to let you know that i've received your info in the next day or two, followed by your official 'child' info around the 9th.

So - if you're sitting on the fence about whether or not to participate, this is your last chance to get in one what is always one of the most enjoyable traditions here at the MMMV.

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Bah, I didn't check this thread until now for some reason, and now too late! Anyway, I can still be backup Santa if need-be, Nessex. So shoot me a PM if that's needed.

Edited by karamazov80
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Just a friendly reminder that we are now 2 weeks out from the International send date.

You should all now have received your lists (including those who signed up late). If you've got any questions, please get in touch.

Otherwise, happy gifting :)

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