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  1. Man talk about nostalgia. One of my first memories of this board was hooking Shanester up with a Mara Jade bust from Gencon. In turn, he sent me that sent along with 10 or so more minimates, really giving my collection a jump start. It's wild to see so many familiar faces hanging around the place still, like a home that's always there.
  2. Likewise, I'd be willing to be a back-up. Been so busy I forgot about this!
  3. Oh man, I might have to do this, MMMV Secret Santa is always awesome.
  4. It seems to me Ivan would be a good guy to ask.
  5. Heh, I've been looking for a good excuse to post something after not posting for like a year. I have my Scream minimate right above my desk and I love it dearly. I'll have to pass on this series being a poor college student and all, but man they look amazing.
  6. Where did you see the pictures? I didn't see in the thread. I bet I stupided...
  7. These never cease to crack me up! Great work!
  8. Just a heads up to Indiana peeps, they're in stock at the Greenwood TRU. They were recently anyway.
  9. Chicago is way closer to me than San Diego, so I personally would love this chance.
  10. Thanks! I think the Mona Lisa is going to be very challenging in this regard. This seems very conveniently timed...
  11. Dammit Luke, I'm a poor college student, but I simply couldn't resist The Scream. Looking forward to that!
  12. As someone at IU, haven't really seen much down here. The one comic shop I've been to here doesn't carry much in the way of toys.
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