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Maximum Zombies!

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DST showed off a LOT of zombies the other day, so I'm surprised there haven't been any discussions or pics yet (sorry these are so huge and a little blurry, btw):






They look absolutely fantastic and disgusting, can't wait for them to come out. i love the graveyard and the intestines piece.

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Gross... But I like the huntsmate. And the mailman. And the fast food worker. And the construction worker. And clown. These are basically civilian mates in the disguise of zombies. But I would actually prefer them to be non-zombies...

Luke, are you going to have a venture where you turn these zombies into civilians? I'd send you my packs for the conversion. :)

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these are some of the coolest things i have ever seen from DST, almost all of these should make great civie mates as well as casualties if chose not to be used as zombies, also they come with a hefty amount of accessories and a lot of new sculpted parts :D

(specially love those grave stones)

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Ideally, the best way to market this wave would be with extra parts (ala M.A.X.) to make either humans or zombies out of each pack. I would buy multiples of each pack if I could get either/or.

Not quite ideal, but I would also be happy with a marketing tactic like this:

Series 1:

Zombie Sheriff / Human Doctor

Human Sheriff / Zombie Doctor

Zombie Clown / Human High School Student

Human Clown / Zombie High School Student

Something like that, where you could army build both human and zombies, the molds can easily be reused, you would just need different tampos.

However these are packaged, I will be buying the HELL out these.

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Even old farts like me appreciate the power of Zombies & these are great & should sell really well & "Thanks" Mini-Myte for putting me out of my misery because I'd been wracking my brains where I'd seen that nurse before :thumbsup: . The original Marvel Zombies were produced in big numbers & still to this day command prices well over retail & currently rival the GSX Minimates for desirability ,can you imagine the combinations of Zombies & Human Minimate custom characters that could be made :)

Prolonging the longevity of the Minimate is behind every gripe & groan I make on these boards moans here !

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