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  1. I'm still bummed we never got Game of Thrones Minimates and to a lesser extent, Harry Potter. Both major franchises with tons of characters and looks. I don't really know why we need so many waves of NBX (a single film), but I guess there's enough interest to keep it going...?
  2. If Menagerie went around to comic shops and felt up all the packages to find the one-per-case Silks and sold them for a premium then that would be a jerk move. But if he's buying cases and selling them for what people will pay for them, then I can't really blame him, because any one of us could buy cases as well. The problem is no one is really willing to do all that. It takes time and energy to sell off all the many undesirable duplicates to recoup the costs of buying a case for a single Silk. And don't forget that the per blind bag figure costs more than the per figure cost of the two-packs.
  3. The animated line is by definition, different than the comic line. Disappointing that we're supposed to accept that the animated Minimates are supposed to fit in with the comic line. The aesthetics are completely different, otherwise they wouldn't be "animated."
  4. Excited for Iron Giant. I hope we get comic Hyperion and Squirrel Girl. Do not want the animated ones.
  5. Yeah the Crazy 88 boxset was cool. Not because I care about Crazy 88, but because I thought this would be a great way to army build. To the point where I was trying to think of reasons to have a bunch of civilians in suits. But if I could army build Hand ninjas, I'd totally buy two or three sets of those. Even if it were like a 3:1 ratio of Hand ninjas to another Wolverine or Daredevil, I'd get multiple sets. The blind bagged / single-boxed army builders always annoyed the hell out of me, because they cost MORE per figure than the standard boxset or two-pack. The point of army builders is that I already want more than one, and would happily buy a ton at a fair price. Instead they're marked up because they come in singles.... I understand a single figure is cheaper than buying a two-pack where one is the army builder and the other is a duplicate non army builder character. But it doesn't have to be this way! Anyway it could be a failure for DST to do Crazy 88-style army building (the army-building market might be too small), but it actually hasn't been tried yet for Marvel Minimates as far as I know.
  6. More Deadpool??? Now I'm really glad there's no plans for a Deadpool movie wave.
  7. I feel your pain. It's a triple whammy. Retailer chase exclusive plus blind bag. Unfortunately the retailers don't really care about you succeeding in finding the chase. It's to get you into the stores searching for them; they hope you'll buy other things in the process. The rarer it is the more times you'll visit their stores. I can only assume they find this creates more overall sales than simply meeting the demand for the exclusives.
  8. I'm planning on upgrading to those gtzip bags pk13 recommended. However, I also want to do this with my extensive 6" Marvel Legends and DCUC collections. The 1/12 scale figures vary wildly in size, but I don't want to have to buy too many bag sizes (two or three sizes at most) to cover them all, since they come in packs of 1000. Does anyone have a system for bagging these larger action figures? Maybe the smaller quantities of Ultra Pro would be more reasonable for the large, but fewer BAFs.
  9. I bought a Walgreen's set. I'm torn on these. They are pretty nice, but I don't think I need an animated parallel line of Marvel Minimates. They're too different aesthetically from the comic mates. Maybe I will just get the Spider-Mens. And unique characters if any. TIME WILL TELL.
  10. The chariot set doesn't have saddles. Haytham's Pursuit does. Not a fan of the red trim though: Doesn't seem like it's been released yet?
  11. The Assassin's Creed Mega Bloks horses look pretty decent. Chariot Chase is kinda pricey. Haytham's Pursuit also has a horse.
  12. I'm still of the belief that the packaging art should show as much of the actual product as possible (at least until there is brand recognition). But stores could help out by displaying opened samples. That's usually how I end up buying the random blind bag/box at my LCS, when they have samples that look cool, because often the packaging doesn't do enough to show off the product.
  13. I'm glad I picked up a Mutagen Donnie in store in case my online order was screwed up. *pats self on back* Also, I'm really digging Mega Bloks and how they look great with Minimates. They're pretty close in scale and aesthetic (compared to Lego).
  14. The one SDCC LEGO exclusive I got was the Phoenix minifigure a few years back. And I was only able to get it because the line was moving fast and I don't think any of us really knew what we were lining up for. Since then it's gone bananas. I too would like the Action Comics set. T_T
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