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  1. I saw over at Fwoosh that Iron-Cow updated his website, and while browsing, I stumbled upon this: There's other (imo much better) unreleased designs at the link too. I didn't know Iron-Cow had such a history with minimates, and looks like we have a lot to thank him for! Shame DC ended, both Plastic Man and Two Face would have been incredible. The site also has lot's of cool tid-bits and pics about each mate he helped create. Definitely a good read!
  2. Is it time to start discussing Charitymates 5? With the earthquake in Japan and all, maybe now is the perfect time? Discuss!
  3. We have a thread for wacky pics, but I can't believe we don't have one for general pics! Here are some I took recently. Hope you guys have some too. Wolverine and his foes Ghost Spiderwoman vs. AIM Scorpion vs. Spiderman Civil War: Spiderman vs. Cap Blackbolt: Deadman vs OMAC '
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