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Wave 73 - Spider-man Homecoming

Mysterious Stranger

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Maybe that will be the alternate look in the SDCC 2-pack? I would prefer that to another battle-damage Spidey....

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48 minutes ago, MisterPL said:

Blazer Spidey. You know, to go with Suited Vision from last year's SDCC. My trend-senses are tingling.



Hail Ivan!

Memba when SDCC sets featured costumes/characters from then-hot storylines like Dark Reign? I memba... sniff, I m-memb-memba...

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Some higher quality shots of the tru set, i ordered these online, but I'd definitely watch out for sloppy paint on iron mans repulsor and hands, Hogan is a significant improvement for sure, but it kinda sucks he doesn't come with any accessories, and with the new iron man i think dst has finally hit the perfect balance between sculpt and paint but he could've used an alternate Tony Stark head




 and for the record Iron Man has no paint detail under the chest cap, just plain silver from there up

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The new Iron Man is definitely an improvement over the Mark 46, but then I think the 46 is one of the most disappointing minimates ever made so I guess I should say it's much better. The chest cap and arms are exactly the approach I like to see for an an Iron Man 'mate. I think a new sculpted helmet (not the Mark 43 helmet) and boots would have made it better; it also seems like the design might have two different shades of silver in it in the movie which would have been another improvement, but it doesn't suffer too much without those. It is weird to get a movie Iron Man minimate without a Stark head. He fits well on the flight stand but not on the regular stand. Like most of this wave the set feels awfully light on accessories.

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