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Walgreens Marvel 'Mates


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I just hope we get to see Iron Fist and White Tiger before we are done with USM. MJ Spider-Woman would be killer as well, with alternate Carnage Queen parts. And Doc Ock!

My heart still aches that we never got to see mates for Hulk and the Agents of SMASH. Although Red Hulk, Abomination and Leader have all been on Avengers Assemble.

And there is so much more we could get from Guardians of the Galaxy: Nebula, Ronan, matching Gamora and Drax, J'Son, Cosmo, Collector, the rogue Nova Coro member that Hasbro is making as the Build-a-Figure, the list goes on.

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Most of the Madison stores went from wave 2 to wave 3, I think one had 2.5, and I have not seen any of 4. I keep checking a couple stores that allegedly have more than they have out on the pegs.

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