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The Incredible Hulk Four Pack


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  • 3 weeks later...

Well, the designs are there for all to see. I think they look pretty great. Not a duck foot in sight. Doubt much will change on them, but we'll see.


I think they all look pretty great & I really am trying here to just comment rather than appear to criticise but I just know I'll fail....& that's a shame..truly.

We'll call these Hulks 1-4 (L-R) .

My opinions : #1 looks superb although his head looks way wider than #2-4 .....slip-on mask size if you get my drift. It looks right so why are the others so different? I guess the argument would be 'well that's the point of a TTA set bhm!' opinion would be 'let sleeping Hulks lie'

#2 again looks superb but with respect there aren't many classic 'Minimates with a hat' out there & the shape of this one's head is reminiscent of the Professor Hulk Minimate's ...hooboy that one was a doozy :confused: Oddly enough ifthis head type is used with a TrenchcoatThing hat it may work out well....we'll see !

#3 Fantastic ! I know nought about this version but who cares because it's lovely.

#4 I'm well-aware of who he is but we'll stick with '#4'... sorry he just ain't going to happen ...leastways the cape ,the horned helmet/hair /headpiece ain't going to happen in that fashion . If I'm wrong the we'll have one of the best Minimates ever....I want to be wrong,I love being wrong.

So the designs are there for all to see & overall I see a potential box set winner if they are produced just like that or even 90% like that.

In conclusion I judge a Minimate from what I see in the flesh in my hand out of the packet....& here's why... attachicon.gifpack0619r_lg.jpg

I know it's bad enough reading my drivel once let alone twice but I'm very pleased with what I see & also what I said . I had my reservations but these'll fly. thumbsup.gif

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Seriously, this is one of the greatest sets we've ever made. But I guess they all are, when we make them.

Waiting to confirm if Joe Fixit comes with one or two machine guns.

Still time to change your vote in the poll up top. thumbsup.gif

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I am often amazed at how many people don't know the Maestro Hulk. Not only am I glad to get a great version of him, but with some great parts, as well. IMO, this Maestro is WAY better than the Marvel Legends or the TB Transformations versions.

I am also fortunate enough to have seen this figure up close already. I don't think anyone will be disappointed in any of these four.

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I actually only know him because i had to buy a Marvel Legends figure of him way back when i needed the Apocalypse BAF inside.

He's one of the few i kept, just because he was such an awesome figure.

I think Maestro is going to be my favourite from this set too. I love that he's got that thorny crown of his. Can't wait to see the tray shots.

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I freakin love Maestro's look and his character, what I know of it. I actually roleplay Banner online somewhere and the Maestro is an event we'll be doing. Which I am very much looking forward to playing.


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Why does the date keep getting pushed? Or gas that been covered and I missed it?

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Maestro is easily the star, but they all look amazing (this is easily the best TTA set so far). I'm not generally a huge hulk fan, but the Maestro storyline is easily in the top tier of future Marvel storylines. I'd say it ranks up with Days of Future Past and Old Man Logan as the best alternate futures Marvel has to offer.

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