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Calico Jack Pirate minimates

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I'm really liking these figures and have since they where first announced. On a side note one step closer to a minimate Tricorn Hat. It may sound strange I'm jonesing for a hat but I can guess that if we get one in this line it could easy be used in marvel for a Spirit of 76 minimate.

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My two standouts are Calico Jack and Jonathan Barnet, as Jack reminds me of Captain America with the colouring, and I love the Navy uniform on the latter.

Also really interesting to see the bios on the back, looks like they are trying to link all the Minimates together in a strong good vs evil narrative.

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I can't wait! Lots of potential for part-swapping between characters to come up with new pirates! :thumbsup:

Have any of the TRU spies :) posted the items number for these yet?

If I'm not mistaken, the number was posted a while back with that big item number dump: 646987

I have all of these in a note on my phone, and just go down the list when I make my weekly phone call to TRU... :D

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Awesome. I hope these aren't too difficult to obtain.

I'm guessing they'll be about the same difficulty as obtaining the MAX Heroes 2-packs.

I'm hoping that DST and TRU learned some lessons from those, since they seemed to disappear rather quickly. I'm somewhat surprised that there's no variations, like there were with the fire chiefs.

Anyway, pretty nice. At the very least, I'm always happy to get more buccaneer boots. :thumbsup:

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I want these bad, they look awsome,I think under the slip on mask is a dead pirate or it least im hoping :) .Anyway i can't wait for these

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So, some of these have TRU Exclusive labels, others do not. Are we to surmise that the non-labeled packages will be sold at our LCS as well? I am more interested in the "regular" waves (if there is one) than the TRU exclusives.

OOOOOkay, just actually took the time to read the blog post and not stare at the pretty pictures. Why are two of the packs TRU exclusives when all of the packs are "only available at TRU." It's late. Someone please help me to figure this out.

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I wouldn't assume that. The TRU exclusive label seems to be applied haphazardly. Ostensibly, those are supposed to be sets that are not available anywhere else. However, that sometimes just means a packaging variant.

Example 1

Example 2

My guess would be that some figures in non-"exclusive" packs will only be available at TRU.

Examples of this here and here.

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There could be a comic shop box set like the upcoming GB ghosts and the MAX box sets later in the future. Although, the MAX are same figures but just different faces, I think. But I am confident comic shops will get a box set of this line eventually.

DST Chuck told me on FB that these guys would be released as 2-packs at TRU and MAYBE as 4-packs at specialty stores later.

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