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ABCs Inhumans

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1 minute ago, NerdyTrev said:

I can only assume Gorgon, Karnak and Maximus the Mad. From left to right. 

Thanks. That would explain the height and shadowed legs of the guy on the far left.

Weirdly, Crystal's costume is just reminding me how much I want to see MCU Trish Walker become Hellcat.

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The only ones that look remotely believable are Karnak and Crystal. Gorgon looks like Idris Elba's Gunslinger from Dark Tower, Maximus looks like the guy from the shitty Knight Rider reboot, Black Bolt looks like Thomas Jane's Punisher playing Michael Knight in another shitty reboot of Knight Rider and Medusa looks terrible. I can't describe it. 

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This is why I miss Drew Struzan's movie posters.


At first glance, I thought this was a cosplay shot. Unfortunately too many such reveals look that way. I'm sure they'll look better in production stills than photo shoots like this.


I'm a fan of Anson Mount's work on Hell on Wheels so I'm looking forward to his performance here. Now show me Lockjaw.

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They pulled off Ghost Rider and Absorbing Man. I think they can handle these guys. Frankly, Medusa constantly manipulating her hair would be more of a visual distraction than anything else. 

I'm more concerned as to whether or not they can make it interesting to watch than I am working these effects on a TV budget. I know Pearlman loves them, I know Marvel is pushing them as their new mutant alternative, but the Royal Family hasn't been interesting enough to carry an ongoing comic longer than a year or two in their long, long history. They are like DC's New Gods characters, people think they're cool, but not enough to spend money consistently on them.

Oh I'll watch it, and with high hopes. But if AoS doesn't cross over with it pretty heavy, it'll have a strong strike against it. It's all disconnected badly enough already.

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If it comes on hulu I'll watch it but it looks like the budget isn't Big enough to make this look good. 

I might not watch it at all though. That guy doesn't look anything like black bolt to me... it's just uncomfortable for me looking at his face. Every time I see it I shudder and think to myself "put the mask on"

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I was underwhelmed by the trailer. I liked Lockjaw and Maximus (that actor always gets the loony roles.) The rest not as much.

The thing that stuck in my head and what if right I'm going to dislike is that from the trailer as soon black bolt it seems gets out of the Inhuman city its put on civvie clothes and try and blend in. Out go any superhero stuff then its just bloke in suit. 

Dunno there is just something about this at the moment that just grates on me. I will watch it when I get chance and am more then willing to say hey in the end I actually enjoyed it. I have got to like all the superhero tv stuff (not watched Legion yet) so who knows.

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