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MMMV Turns 10 - December Giveaway


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This was a tough one for me because there are just way too many terrific Minimates in my collection that I like for a variety of reasons. Consequently, I went with my first, the one that sold me not only on the brand but on the idea that block figures could be so much fun:



(Hail Ivan!)


Ever since I saw a print ad for this guy (probably in ToyFare) in a pose far more dynamic than I thought possible for a block figure, I had to give it a try. Been hooked ever since thanks to AA and DST's wide assortment of properties.


My charity this year is through work. We help out local families in need by purchasing toys. Kids fill out tags with what they want most and we make it happen. This year I got a Star Wars fan and I was pretty happy about that. (I'll also be dropping a Spider-Man Minimate or two into the drop box for a random Marvel fan.)


Happy holidays, everyone!

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And that's the bell for the deadline! We will see you in the morning with the winners. Also, the MMMV Elves have finished going through the trade thread, and will contact the people that had updated their lists after the stocking winners have been announced. Good luck everyone!

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We now have our winning numbers pulled and here are the winners of the three stockings:



-Mysterious Stranger

Congrats! And for everyone else, please watch for incoming messages from the MMMV Elves as they work to get the Updated Trade List presents sent out. Should be by the end of the night tonight.

Thank you to everyone that participated in this giveaway and all of the MMMV Turns 10 Giveaways this year. It's been an absolute blast running these and I have to say thanks to Lobby for his generous donation, and to Shane, Lurch, and Luke for putting up with my constant messages asking for random numbers and Master of the List duties. I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday, awesome end of December, or however you like to look at this time of the year! 

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Wow! I didn't expect to see this today! Thank you so much pk for running this! It certainly has been a blast!


Also, I'd also like to echo what Mysterious Stranger said. This community IS the greatest thing about this community!

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To PK & everyone else involved, may 2017 bring you endless joy!!  You all have made this year amazing -- not just because I won, but because of the overflow of generosity & inclusiveness you've shown to all of us.  This right here is one of the biggest things I am thankful for every day.  Thank you (to everyone) for being such a supportive & positive group & for making this place somewhere we can all feel great for belonging. :)


I love you guys! :yes:

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 Not to be an ungrateful little SOB, but weren't the rest of us who didn't win a stocking supposed to get a PM? It's the 18th here, and I did update my WANTS/HAVES list. Not trying to sound like an @$$h0le (Lord knows you've all gone above and beyond for this community, giving away free prizes), I'm just curious.

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1 hour ago, jcastick said:

A huge thanks to PK for celebrating 10 years in such a glorious fashion,  and to those who had helped and participated.

And Kostisfire, I wouldn't worry ...... I'm sure everyone and everything has been taken care of. 

Yeah, it's just that I won something in the July giveaway as well, so I figured maybe it's a case of only those who haven't won anything are getting this "last chance" gift. 

 It's mostly because I'll be leaving my place for Christmas, so I'll have to pick which address to give, depending on the shipping day.

 Again, I'm not trying to be ungrateful, as Pk and all the other fine folks have gone above and beyond with these giveaways. The postage only must have cost a ton. I just get worried in such situations (I'm a rather anxious person).

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thanks for running this all year pk! I was lucky enough to win a full set of the crouching tiger mates early in the year, and for that I'm super thankful! it was also an honor to be a contributor of one of the prizes!

I'm a relatively newcomer, but this is a great community. 

Merry Christmas, happy holidays, etc. to everyone here. whatever your "thing" is in December, I hope it's great! 

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My stocking prize showed up today and it was LOADED with awesome! Here are a few quick cellphone pics I took here in my office. Apologies for the quality, had to do these on the DL else the boss might walk in and make me share with the whole department.

Stocking contents




Bonus goodies in the box


Here's what was in the stocking:


Grumpy Cat stickers (fitting now that we have our own version of Grumpy Cat at home, more of a Whiney Cat though)

2 mini Batman figures (totally cool, loves me some Batman)

Mini Hagrid and Fang (the wife and I have become big Potter fans this year)

3 different blind bags all with cool goodies in them

Mario blind box

Daredevil Hot Wheels car (LOVE the idea of a blind guy with his own car)

Minimates - Squirrel Girl (going to the wife), Alice from the new series, NBX Sally, NBX Santa (needed for my custom Santa bash), NBX Unraveled Oogie Boogie, TMNT Space Mikey, Berserker Predator, 2x Shaman Predator (all good for customs) and the last GL I needed to complete my Minimate GL collection, Salaak!

And the box had some cat toys which the cats LOVE and a DC Icons accessory pack with the Green Lantern parts, one of the squirrel GLs (B'dg I think, they both look alike) and some other great dio parts.

HUGE thanks again to pk13 for doing this all year. It was a blast!

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Thank you si very much MMMV Elves. I got my little stocking today. It was a nice little stocking with a bite sized Twix, a Rolo, a mini candy cane and a Blain minimate from Predator. Can't believe I got him.  I already gave my nephew the candy.


Thank you and Merry Christmas!

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