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Walgreens Marvel 'Mates


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Any chance you can post some loose pics of these? We're dying to check out this wave that snuck up on us all.

I'm at work right now but I'll see what I can do tonight. I'm still reeling that they showed up here. I usually have to wait a month after the first sighting. Bizarre.

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Here's the photo from the facebook post. I have no idea what area these popped up in, but I'll be checking my local stores after work today to see if they're in my section of the West Coast...


Edit: These were found in Virginia

I'm confused. What wave do the Banner/War Machine and Hulk Buster/? belong to?

EDIT: Nevermind. I found what I needed to know in the Wave 63: Avengers AOU 2 thread. Carry on.

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Without seeing the color specs, I'm guessing that these animated-style figures will blend right in with the "Best of" assortments. (IE - Yellow and grey instead of gold and silver.)

Another fun accessory might be the mini-characters that show up:


make this happen !!
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who is all in the Ultimate Spider-Man wave? I really want Howard the Duck and Dazzler!


I thought all the mates in this thread were at Walgreens. Did not fully notice the tags on the first page.

I just hope I can get Howard the Duck and I hope for at least three of him if possible.

Howard the Duck and Dazzler are in Series 64 at specialty stores later this year. They will not be at TRU or Walgreens, at least not in any current plans.

TRU 20 is ultimate Spider-Man/Fury, Ult. Carnage/Nova, Ult. Sandman/Stealth Suit Spidey.

Just 3 packs?

I thought Iron Spidey and Spidey Gwen where TRU 20?

Any help with the Stealth Suit Spider (either single or as a 2 pack) will be greatly appreciated. -UK based

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Found these on the way home from work today in NJ.

Yay shots and loose pic below.

They are well done with no quality issues. Colors and designs are bright, match the show but still fit in with comic-style. Also Spiderman's eyes are white with no showing through of the other colors or web design. thumbsup.gif



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...match the show but still fit in with comic-style.

Going to have to disagree with you there. The difference is less drastic than it would be with something like TMNT minimates but they're still definitely a different style. If you're not picky I suppose they would work okay.

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If anyone can snag me a set of that stealth spidey/sandman I've got paypal or lots of stuff to trade also looking for bruce/ warmachine and the Hudson/Vasquez packs of aliens pm if you've got a set

Thank you

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