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If you're talking about Star Wars Minimates, we might as well just nuke this thread from orbit now.

That is what Star Destroyers are designed for....

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Not sure how much more SW stuff we have planned.

Zach, out of curiosity, is your comment in any way related to the costs of the Star Wars license? A Sideshow rep confirmed on Sideshow Freaks that their recent dramatic increase in Star Wars 1/6 prices was due to Disney's ownership being "in full effect".

I'm not really privy to that stuff, I just know we do not have a lot on the schedule.

Still no tray shot?! Jeez DST

Just FYI, I do all of that stuff, and a lot more besides, and I'm not under any time limit that I am aware of. Not sure the set wil be out for another month, at this point.

...It is a nice tray, though. Give me time.

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