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Welcome! Want the newest news/photos straight from DST? (Other than from Zach or course) Then come to this thread! I will try to keep up with their social media pages regularly so everyone, including people not able to get the news, can be up to date.

Note: If you see news that I haven't posted yet and you have access to, please share it!

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I think it might be intentional in this case, to differentiate him from the "real" Morbius. Zach made some comment to the effect that this isn't the same Morbius character in another thread. I guess it's this guy?

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Bullet-riddled torso.

And Living Zombie is intentional. I'm not gonna spoil the mini-series he appears in (actually, Dio kinda did), but there is an alternate head in the box. I try to change character names whenever we re-do somebody, mostly for Ivan's benefit, and "Zombie Morbius the Living Vampire" seemed unwieldy.

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Not sure how much more SW stuff we have planned.

Zach, out of curiosity, is your comment in any way related to the costs of the Star Wars license? A Sideshow rep confirmed on Sideshow Freaks that their recent dramatic increase in Star Wars 1/6 prices was due to Disney's ownership being "in full effect".'s the most expensive license we have at this point now and the effects of Disney taking over are now in full effect going forward.


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