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  1. There's a big difference between fat & toned muscle . Honestly some people
  2. WG Star Brand's shoulder pieces on a Thor might just do the job that I'm suggesting .
  3. Maybe a moulded head/helmet would be unnecessary but I'll never waiver from my desire to have the massive arms that the comic Thor generally has . I'm just suggesting that he gets 'shoulder pieces' (at least) like many other Marvel characters have gotten ,currently any Thor Minimate has the same size arms as Howard the Duck or Aunt May ! If it's a Wrecking Crew we are after , surely Bulldozer will get the bulk why not Thor ?
  4. I still can't believe that we still just have the one box set !
  5. My usual disclaimers apply : Looking at those GI Joe guys in Nando's link they appear to be huge muscle-bound guys with huge biceps ...sadly the GIJ 'mates look somewhat It took years before several of the Marvel 'mate characters got the 'bulk' they deserved ( Thor ,Hulk blah blah) , would anybody agree that the Joe's need some muscle ?
  6. The DVD set was released between the releases of box sets 1 & 2 . I personally found that odd . Pure conjecture on my part , if sales of the second release ....the DVD set ...were sluggish then (perhaps) a decision was made (at the top) to decrease the production on 'Box set 2' ? I'm pointing that out because Box set 2 is (as far as I can see) completely unobtainable anywhere whilst the 'DVD' & 'Box set 1' are still plentiful.
  7. You're right &, I agree, it's best to just say that it update. I always felt that that Minimate & it's packman 'Colossus' had their belts way too high on their bodies , always looked weird to me.
  8. The movie Wolverine is likely to be very yellow , similar to several comic incarnations but none that are totally like this movie design. The movie design features sleeves & gloves , whilst some Minimate Wolverines feature sleeves most don't & no existing 'yellow' version has sleeves . What I'm suggesting is a subtly designed Minimate that follows a comic look yet leans heavily on the movie look , just chuck a couple of yellow spare arms into the packaging BTW I don't feel a specific Deadpool 3 pack would be well-received especially after the way Deadpool 2 'mates ended up.
  9. I was looking for somewhere to put my question & immediately found my dumb statement above , nevertheless I'll ask it here . With the latest Deadpool movie arriving soon ,with perhaps the last time we'll see Jackman as Wolverine, what's the likelihood of getting a very 'yellow' Wolverine ? We're unlikely to see further Movie MInimates in the near-future but from what I'm reading & seeing Wolverine's movie suit is likely to be inspired heavily from one (or several) of his comic costumes. There's an opportunity there to exploit this by producing a comic Wolverine that most-resembles the movie Wolverine . I'm not happy with the Wolverines we have.
  10. Oddly enough I was looking at some (C3) yesterday on eBay ....the worst minifigures ever made
  11. That's a great picture of a great bunch of Minimates . I take my hat off to DST despite my previous criticisms .
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