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  1. Idk if this has already been speculated on, but were we to get a 2nd box set, Duke, Roadblock, Destro, and Baroness would surely be the lineup right?
  2. These look great imo! And something I will definitely pick up! And also I can't believe no one has mentioned Star Wars as also being under the Hasbro umbrella (or maybe I missed it), but that's also something I'd seriously love to see over any other Hasbro property. Though I'm guessing it would also require some licensing involvement from Lucasfilm as well?
  3. I just watched a video using the DST Boba Fett as the primary reason that Hasbro no longer has a monopoly on the Star Wars action figure license, which really only seemed far fetched because that "evidence" was then used to acknowledge that Lego will most definitely be making a series of Star Wars collectible blind bag figures. ...since this is basically the same thought process we've all followed, I encourage this thread to run rampant with speculation...
  4. I'd prefer more minifigure accessories included like blasters, lightsabers, alternate heads, energy effects, unique stands, small animals (like say Salacious Crumb, similar to how Rocket was handled as an accessory) over Build-A-Vehicle parts. Based on how Build-A-Figures were handled w/ Marvel, it felt like more pack-in accessories were sacrificed for the space to place BAF parts; though if that wasn't the case, this point is probably moot. Unless the license would limit DST's ability to make vehicles like a landspeeder and sell it similar to how say the Aliens APC was packed, then I'd p
  5. I'm going to assume a Deadpool 2 wave since it has more high profile characters that have had comic versions: Deadpool (has had comic and movie versions) Cable (has had comic versions) Domino (has had comic versions) Negasonic Teenage Warhead (completely new); I'm thinking this spot could also be Firefist but NTW has an actual superhero costume which I think makes her more appealing for a wave like this. *Some side notes; based on Zach's clues I don't think you can really fill out 4 spots for the first movie, and Colossus isn't included because he's had both movie and
  6. A screenshot of DST confirming we will see 82 for their virtual show as part of Comic-Con @ Home was posted on the MM FB group yesteraday. So, what better way to get the ball rolling than to speculate before the wave is revealed this weekend?! Personally, I'm interested in Minimates delving into HOX/POX/DOX, but I also know there's been a lot of requests in more recent speculation threads for a new FF wave, Inhumans, Generation X and more...
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