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wave 75


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18 minutes ago, stack32 said:

That Moon Knight hood/cape combo really is awful, I'm very surprised they couldn't design something better. 

I'm all for trying to maximize poseability but, yeah, it looks like a weird haircut. Hopefully it looks less like a white bob in hand.

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I agree, I don't why why the hobgoblin hood couldn't work. Or even the spidergwen type hood. It looks like the cape is thicker than normal too. I'm probably gonna QC something else together once I get him 

Also what is this DD costume? Is it a current costume or a redo of the shadowland DD? 

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8 hours ago, MiniMCMotu said:

Oooooo that would have been so good! I love the comic cover art so much I really wish diamond could tailer the package art a little more. Feed them starving artist!

Barry did this art, and the Netflix Box Set art, and designed all the figures, and was probably designing Series 76 when we finalized this packaging. We don't use it for every wave, but it applies to most. And Barry is on the payroll, so hopefully he can afford food. 

If anything, having more mainstream characters in the corner will let those who are not in the know understand what universe these characters are from, or even attract customers who are only familiar with the movie characters.

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It was tricky coming up with a new name for Punisher. I like to be able to differentiate between releases. Maybe I could have avoided Assault after "Assault Punisher" and "Assault Armor PUnisher," but I figured the mask was something he'd wear when he was going in the front door, to create shock and awe and scare his targets. "Covert Punisher" isn't really accurate, but "Tactical Punisher" might have been better. Or simply Shock and Awe Punisher!

I suppose I could have called him "Masked Punisher," "Balaclava Punisher" or "Skullface Punisher," but no one knows what a Balaclava is and I doubt skullface would be approved. Also, he's not wearing it in-package.

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No-one knows what a Balaclava  is? Is it an uncommon word in the States? 
Every time someone robs a petrol station or a liqour shop in Australia, we read about Balaclavas in the paper or hear about them on the news. 

Having said that - I am a middle-aged man.... perhaps the word isn't as common amongst children (who I have to keep reminding myself are the actual target audience for these products)

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