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Shane just do a tiny snip to the upper arm piece where the elbow joint is . If you look one side has a slight curve to it. cut the other side the same way. You won't even notice the difference. I had to do this to a mate or two throughout the years. The hand looks to be the correct one, it is just the arm that is wrong correct?

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I had the hat pre-ordered from BBTS, but actually cancelled just earlier today. I'm picky about hats, and don't know how well it might fit. But I would love to own one that fit well.

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I was more concerned about the patch colors than the fit.


Apparently there's some debate as to what the correct colors are. I always went with the darker blue background on the patch because of the close-up above. Based on what I've read, that might be the only place in the film that color patch appears on Brett's cap.


I may have to buy this thing after all!

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Oh man... Still waiting for the series 1 from Luke´s... He said the custom cases suffered delay to arrive (BBTS didn´t receive them too...)

Same here... waiting on the full wave from Luke's but I caved anyway and bought the Drake/Damaged Alien 2-pack from my LCS at a bit of a markup since I've been jonesing for more Colonial Marines Mates. It took me a bit to work out the setup for the smartgun support arm, but once I got it all together I have to say it's a damn cool little design! Can't wait for Vasquez!

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