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  1. I buy em from my local comic shop about 20 yards from my house. I am the only one that collects them so it is kinds nice that I always get the chase figures. I am just so broke right now that I haven't been able to scrape up the cash to go get the chase sentry or Ronin pack. Looks like I'll resort to selling a bunch of extra minimates on ebay tonite.
  2. It has been about a year for me and I'm still pretty lost when it comes to illustrator. I'lll mess around with it for a few days and learn new things, and then not touch it for months. By that time I have already forgotten everything I learned.
  3. I bought mine a few weeks ago on ebay because their aren't any new minimates at the Target within a 60 mile radius. I wish I could just return it for another, but I can't.
  4. I tried to move my Nightcrawler's legs today and ended up breaking one. I played a bit with it and loosened up one leg pretty easily. The other one was not moving and took a lot of work before I got it to move. Unfortunately the leg that I got loose right away broke as soon as I moved it again I just did a quick little repaint of a black waist/hip piece and replaced the upper part of the leg that had the ball joint stuck in it with another black upper leg and it looks just fine.
  5. I am afraid to open mine and try moving his legs. I'll have to be very very careful. Hopefully it all turns out ok. If not I guess it's not a real big deal since he is just custom fodder anyways.
  6. What brand paint and color name did you use for the Wolverine mask? Now that I got some extra time I'd like to paint a mask to match his uniform. He looks great, just like he came with the mask.
  7. I have been looking at Targets all over (within a 50 mile radius). Still no luck. I broke down and bought the Prof. X/Dark Phoenix, and Nightcrawler/Colossus off ebay for a $26.00. I was sick of driving everywhere. I still need more Nightcrawlers for some customs though
  8. I'm putting my opened one up in ebay later tonite to help fund my trip to L.A. in a few weeks. I'm sure I won't get even half as much as the one that was just sold, but every bit of money is really gonna help me since my bonus from work has been postphoned until the end of November and I leave for L.A. in a few weeks.
  9. I think I got 4-5 Blade/Punishers lying around for customs. I cleared all of them out of a Target in hopes of them putting out the Iceman/Wolverine set, but instead they put out a few of the FF sets
  10. I'm glad Target has em too, except there are none at any of the Targets within a 50 mile radius by me.
  11. I haven't seen them anywhere. Not even on ebay yet. I sure hope they show up in my area sometime soon.
  12. I went to 3 Targets today. 2 of em had the FF packs, and one had no minimates:( Man I want these new packs bad.
  13. Don't tell me that mav-man. I was going to make a run to the Target in Delafield, then to the one on Waukesha today. I checked the Target on the east side of Madison last week for the Iceman/Wolverine set, but all they had was a few FF packs.
  14. I have almost all of the ones released so far (unfortunately I haven't seen Juggernaut yet though). I like em alot, except for the two orignal 2-packs that I have. I heard the the ones out at Wal-mart seem to be a bit better than the ones originally released at TRU. I am definately gonna pick em both up on clearance tommorrow before work.
  15. My local Target still has the FF minimates. I want new ones too, even if they really aren't new.
  16. I believe his face is painted wrong. The pinkish color should not have extended onto his face if i remember correctly.
  17. I keep telling myself I'm going to stop collecting them and sell off my collection on ebay. Needless to say I was at Target yesterday and snatched up and Archangel. He is one of my favorite characters, so I couldn't resist. I have no willpower
  18. I'd love one if you have any left. I got a little bit of cash and a ton of minis to trade.
  19. I got mine today...........they suck. I wasn't going to get them at all, but I was unable to find the Street Fighter 4 packs:( I couldn't leave the store empty handed so I picked up the Speed Racer minimates. I kept the minis and gave the two cars to my 3 year old.
  20. I went to TRU today, but they didn't have them. I was able to pick up the Speed Racer minis even though I have no interest in them. It was just something to satisfy my craving for more new minimates.
  21. Those look like the old Target/Walmart two-packs
  22. My local comic book store guy said that series 2 was resolicited. Anyone else confirm that?? I hope it is true (and that he just didn't get confused) and that things are back on track for series 2.
  23. Actualy there are 5 build a figures out already: Galactus, Apocalypse, Giant Man, Sentinel, and Onslaught.
  24. First off, how many of you that use decals also use a tablet to draw on? I use a mouse and it takes foreverr to get things looking just right. Also, where are you guys getting your sheet plastic from? I went to Michaels and another craft store and the people there had no idea what I was talking about, or what section in the store that I should look for it in. I found some plastic used to make patterns in the sewing section, but the plastic is really thin.
  25. I got the one from TBT (thanks a bunch!) yesterday and am supposed to be getting one in a trade from someone on the board here. I was gonna open the one from TBT, and keep the other one sealed (which I normally don't do). Instead I'd like to donate the one that I am supposed to be getting in trade to a person on here who is unable to get one. First person to PM me gets it.
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