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  1. Do the Walgreens waves ship to the stores in cases of 12 like other assortments or are they shipped in sets of four?
  2. Any chance of a long awaited first appearance Wonder Man?
  3. When my LCS checked to see if they're shipping next week we saw that the date on the diamond/ previews site had been updated to December 14th. I cried a little. can you confirm this date Zach
  4. I saw them at my LCS it looks like Hawkeyes bow is different and doesn't come with a clip for an arrow can anyone confirm this?
  5. Is Godzilla s chest piece removable None of the reviews I've seen show it being taken off And I don't want to force it
  6. Zach,do you know if ordered this wave ? If so, any idea why it's not available on their site yet? Thanks.
  7. Is it a supply issue? still hasnt't recieved wave 54.
  8. Is there any reason (that I missed being reported) why these haven't shown up on
  9. how long does it usually take from the diamond shipping/release date for minimates to show up on amazon? (bad sentence but i'm tired)
  10. Which of the two Winter Soldiers is closest to his current look in his own book?
  11. this wave is listed as shipping from diamond this week
  12. Thanks zach. an "official" heads up is always appreciated
  13. Official pics of fury show the rifle attached to his back so why would they glue the jet pack to the vest?
  14. Mini fanatic did you manage to get your jetpack off? How do we even know it was meant to come off?
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