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  1. Basically go to and log in with your XBOX LIVE email address and password (Live ID) then after logging in, click your gamertag then click your symbol (under Halo 3 Service record) or replace YOURNAMEHERE with your gamertag > Then click, Hi-Res Screenshots and Voila! Hope that helps if not email me
  2. 15 please, sorry deleted my post earlier.
  3. On Vista, it says it has stopped working as soon as it comes on.
  4. Heres mine, made entirely using MS PAINT, no photoshop or corel photo stuff. just plain old paint and a mobile phone camera. Not too bad. If i had a better camera and photoshop, it would be better. Thanks
  5. Ah yeh. Looks amazing. ARGH I GOT SHOT yeh i think we are gonna do a funny one and a serious fight. Thanks Wadalf!
  6. Yeh try and Seanus
  7. Whattt!???? Im shocked. Thanks Ady for all that you have done for me and the MMMV. Good luck Shanester. Does that mean that there's a staff job going? If so, id love to help. Thanks!
  8. Much appreciated Luke. Will contact you nearer the time. thanks. Seanus
  9. Thanks Luke. Nice idea. Thanks for ur input. What kind of backgrounds?
  10. I think the time has come for a Proper Minimate stop motion animation! Wouldn't you agree? Over the next few months, Jolly, Dan and myself, Seanus will be storyboarding, experimenting, designing and eventually...creating a Minimate stop motion animation, much like the Lego ones like and . Hopefully we will finish by the end of the summer. It's a massive project, you see. Any help would be appreciated. We currently need some sort of a set, to set our animation in. We are considering to make a massive C3 block/ Lego set. So that we can have a decent set for the animation. If anyone could help by sending us Lego blocks or alternate set ideas please PM me. Thanks! Any ideas, for a plot, or anything, would also be appreciated. Thanks! I know there are loads of people who could help Thanks from Seanus, Jolly and Dan
  11. Yeh everyones entries were wicked! a lot of choice too, i know as some of the older contests had like 6 entries. Congrats. Seanus
  12. Thanks for all your generosity and work over the year! Thanks and Seanus!
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