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Minimate compatibility thread

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I often find myself searching through old posts on the boards here, trying to find out if anyone had discovered whether a certain accessory, stand, or vehicle is compatible with Minimates or not. So, I thought it might make some sense to pool together all relevant links to threads and other web pages in one place, as a resource for those of us looking for vehicles, dioramas, accessories, stands, etc. that are compatible with Minimates.

Here are the links that I have found which have dealt with specific compatibility inquiries:

dioramas/play sets:

non-diorama displays/stands:



--EDIT: New Links discovered by Northraider--

Stands/Displays -

Doom's Castle -

punisher's Bank Diorama (the Mega Bloks one) -

Quick fixes for a Goblin Glider -

A MASS device for Doom (:P) -

-other vehicle note: Minimates fit in Transformers Alternators rather well. I have tried Hound and Tracks, and the only real problem is with the front seat. The steering wheel gets in the way and has to be moved around a bit, and feet have to be taken off in Tracks. The scale is really good, however:





And here is a cool patriotic motorcycle that I picked up tonight at the dollar store for my favorite mini-soldier, from some cheap-o brand called "Chopperz":


I'm sure that I am missing some relevant links (particularly since I've only searched through the "Crisis on Infinite Minimates" section for the threads linked here), so if someone knows of or finds other links, please post them here.

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You know, when I saw this topic, I thought it was something like "could my 24 Nina Myers mate date my Hawkeye mate? They seem to like each other...".

This thread is much cooler then that, though!

I don't know, that would make for an incredibly bizarre, and thus potentially very interesting, discussion. . .

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I'm sure someone has seen these... but there's a ton of cool accessories that are mate-able from the Cubes people:

I especially like the downloads (see the link under morale boosters) that has forms, build-your-own fedex boxes, motivational posters and TPS reports that you can print & cut for your mates.

Also, Maisto's 1:24 die cast (about $6-8/ea) has some nice vehicles with opening doors and windows that Mates can fit in. I found a Scion xB on clearance and it's perfect... there's a lot of cool vehicles to choose from

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Cool Topic!

I don't have pictures at the moment, but the GI-JOE Sigma 6 vehicles for the smaller guys ( which are in my warehouse at the moment) work very well with minimates.

Also Power Force military action figures (i think that's what they're called) have guns that fit in minimate hands.

The guy in the middle of this pic has one:

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This chair looks like it was inspired by Kirk's, which might be useful to someone trying to make a Star Trek diorama.

That cube is for the IT guy.... it's supposed to be the computer-geek with a star-trek-like chair. The other cubes are more plain

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This helpful thread needs to continue!

Came across the Ark of the Covenant.


Sadly, the top doesn't come off to reveal the sand. But add a couple toothpicks and your Minimates can carry it with them as they please.

Made by a company called Takara Neduke, who apparently specializes in charms and key chains. Luckily, what makes this a key chain is an easily removed piece of string. $3.99 at a local comic book store, comes in a capsule. Also in the line were the other artifacts Indiana Jones went after, though they're not in the same scale.

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The Friggin Ark of the Covenant?

Must have...absolutely must have.

Need Indy-Mates first. . .at least Medicom is finally getting one to us (that isn't an absurdly priced Star Wars chase, but rather a ridiculously priced 2-pack with be@rbrick):

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Im sure I've seen someone already do this somewhere but It works so well I thought Id put it here...



Cape gets in the way just a little bit though.

You need to stick Robin in the side-car. Where is that bike from?

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the GI Joe mass device, fits perfectly for minimates.

you can see the control panel in my latest comic The Real World EP 2. :)

Unfortunately, we won't have the entire MASS device until late in the year at the earliest. . .then, I don't think it will be "complete" complete without the tube elements, which seem as if they will only be available with crappy, single carded repaints.

But apart from all that, awesome. If someone were to fashion a little chair, I bet the "weather dominator" would work well with Minimates, too.

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But apart from all that, awesome. If someone were to fashion a little chair, I bet the "weather dominator" would work well with Minimates, too.

We have a few choices for those:

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for those of you that still love your LotR mates heres a lego spider that works nicely as Shelob

I dont have a kit number but it was one of those deals where they give you instructions to make 3 different deals out of the same blocks a snake, a spider and I cant remeber the third model

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