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I don’t think I’d get MCU mates if they started making them again. 
Part of the appeal for me was how thorough the collection was. They may miss a character or two from a movie but they didn’t miss a movie until FFH. Now we’ll be missing such a huge list of characters and looks that starting again feels pointless. 
A reasonably thorough list of one-off characters that’ll stay missing unless they do sets from already released films and shows

Conqueror Kang, Wenwu, Mysterio, the Elementals, Electro, Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus, Gorr, Mighty Thor, He Who Remains Kang, Kevin Bacon, Scarlet Witch Wanda (maybe), every member of the Illuminati, Ramonda, Gravik (which is honestly fine), Ikaris, The High Evolutionary,  Ralph Bohner, Harrow, Ammit.

This of course doesn’t count characters who we will probably see again enough that they could get future minimates (Namor, Moon Knight, Shang Chi, Kamala, Kate, Man Thing, Jack Russell) or characters who have a reasonable stand in from previous minimates (FNSM, ASM, Lizard, Sandman) 

It’s just missing too much. Our previous MCU woes were missing, like, a single look from a movie. Final Battle Whiplash comes to mind, or Fat Thor. Or if we did miss a character they weren’t actually in the movie very long like Janet Van Dyne. They even managed to make an Ego Minimate which even Lego completely dropped the ball on for Guardians 2. MCU was thorough and often gorgeous for Minimates. But like I said, it’s missing too much. But it was an EXCEPTIONAL run while it was a thing. 

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Funny. They would pick right up for me. The only MCU movie I've seen after Endgame was Guardians 3.

Personally, I find almost everything coming out of Hollywood these days unwatchable. Whether or not one agrees with the political messaging is irrelevant. It's so one-sided and over the top that everything becomes boring and predictable.

And every Marvel movie now has to be about saving all of existence from the most powerful bad guy ever.

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Well, we're down to the two shows a year (plus SW Celebration and NY Toy Fair) so that sounds about right. We've already started talking about Minimates options for SDCC.

Outside of Comic-Con, hopefully we'll be offering the new Joe sets soon, after the AEW ring on Sept 22 and Marvel Series 85 on or around October 20.

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23 minutes ago, nandoninny said:

wishful thinking, i think.

now that i think about it i remember you saying something about no exclusives until next year's sdcc but i could be making that up.

Luke’s calendar post called out NYCC Minimates Reveals? On 9/30 so was hoping he had the inside track on something. Guess not, carry on.

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Any idea what Minimates will be available to purchase at the DST booth at NYCC? I may have missed a couple sets from Luke....

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