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Secret Santa 2016 - A New Hope

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I've tried to contact Nessex about this but he's been busy with life. So I'm taking it upon myself to take the reins of this year's Secret Santa exchange. If anyone objects I would not be offended at all. This is a fun tradition and I don't want to see it die off. Anyway, on to the specifics.

Deadline to participate Wednesday 11/23/16

Deadlines to ship: internationally 12/7/16 // U.S. 12/15/16

Spending amount: At least $10.00

As we're rapidly approaching the holiday season I'd like to set a deadline for participating of Wednesday 11/23, the day before Thanksgiving. Its only a little over a week and a half away but I want folks to be able to take advantage of the Black Friday/Cyber Monday/Taco Tuesday sales. I will get everyone matched and info sent out Thursday so you can start shopping/customizing/plotting over the long weekend.

Here's how to play:

Send me a PM with your name, shipping address, wish list, and whether or not you are willing to ship internationally. Also if there is anyone you do NOT wish to be matched up with (if there is anyone you have already been matched with either for Secret Santa or Birthday Elephanting). If you're cool with possibly being matched with someone again, no worries. Also please don't request to be matched up with someone specific. I'd like to keep this as random as possible, hence the Secret fun part. And doing this so quickly means little time to do the matching.

 I can't find last year's Secret Santa thread (I fear it got eaten in the upgrade) so I'm guessing on the shipping deadlines. If anyone wants to suggest changes, please do so. But for now I think 12/7/16 for international shipments and 12/15/16 for U.S. Shipments should be okay. I want everyone to receive their packages before Christmas.

Rules for participating: Members who have joined prior to today are eligible. If you're on the negative feedback list or stiffed someone in the past you're out. I'll try to get a naughty list from Nessex to make sure.

I will post here after the deadline and matching is done, that way if I missed anyone you can let me know.

Secret Santa bonus round! I won't be participating (obviously) but I want to get in on the fun too. So  I'm going to try to work out a secret bonus for one random member, that will be from myself. Not sure what it will be yet, but I'll have it worked out before the holidays. Standard contest random number matching procedure will be used for this.

Any questions? Comments?


EDIT: It was pointed out that I left out a minimum spending amount. While you shouldn't spend more than you can afford, please try to spend at least $10.00.

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Thank you for helping out this year Mysterious Stranger. I know you'll do an awesome job.
I'm on hand to help out as needed (in between trips to the southern end of the continent and overseas)
Get those entries in, people. 

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