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Wave 59* **: X-citing possibilities. (*edited for posterity [**again])


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I was critical of the problem with Bobby earlier so I have to say I'm impressed that DST put in the effort to get it fixed at this late stage. I think the final result is much better. It might be enough to persuade me to pick up a set.

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Before anyone accuses me of saying this because of recent posts, you can go back and see where I stood on the Bobby issue earlier. This change is hugely disappointing for me.

I'm honestly sorry, Tetton. I knew somebody was going to be disappointed either way, and while I'm sure you won't believe me, I'm not glad it was you.
Thank you. I'm going to issue a backhanded apology for our exchange earlier. I know tone is difficult to read online, but I truly felt you were being condescending and speaking down to me in your posts, to which I reacted. There are quite a few things that set me off, but the biggest is when someone speaks to me like I'm stupid. That's how I felt, so I apologize for my reaction. So, when can we expect a classic Bobby? :)
Apology accepted, and I apologize for not choosing my words better, and not keeping everyone updated. This forum seems to break down when we start talking about each other, and not the product, and I tend to be accused of rudeness when I'm being blunt, concise or realistic -- or in this case, when I honestly have no idea someone has been trying to get my attention for three weeks.

Anybody who wants to talk to me in person, and see I'm an okay guy, we're having a small reception at Taste & Thirst in San Diego on July 24th, and everyone is welcome after 10 pm.

I still doubt we'll see another Bobby soon.

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Wow - i'm really impressed that the change got made. I'm glad to see it too - i really think he'll sit with the rest of the team a lot better now.

Thanks Zach Clapping%20Hands.gif

We got two Aunt Mays three waves apart, so lets plan for Wave 62 to be a 90's X theme.

- X-Factor Havok/Bulked up Apocalypse
- X-Force Warpath/Stryfe
- Bulked up Ice-Man/X-Factor Multiple Man
- 90's Bobby Drake/X-Factor Multiple Man

and my axe! i mean - yes, i'd love this wave!

Make it sew.

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Havok without Polaris? confused.gif

And two X-Factor members while the other three are left out? confused.gif

I wouldn't complain finally getting some, but I'd be very nervous until we got the rest. unsure.png

I still say the perfect 90's X-Factor wave would be:

Strong Guy/Quicksilver
90's Wolfsbane/Multiple Man
X-Force Wolfsbane/Multiple Man

Val Cooper/Gideon

(Though I realize the TRU idea is a STREEEEEEEEEEEEEEETCH... laugh.png )

But if we get 90's Wolfsbane in a wave, the Kyle/Yost X-Force should be the variant. She's the last member we need to complete the initial team (already have Wolverine, Warpath, & X-23)...

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Wow this is a toy forum still right??? Why so serious people? Please back away from the cliff it's just a toy figure

I think BHM is just taking the piss. Although his gif, while wondrificent, leads me to believe he is among those disappointed about this change.

Anyway, glad most people seem to like it. Yes, I believe that is the new, correct Bobby hair.

And if there is confusion at the factory and the old costume is made by accident... well, shoot. Stranger things have happened.

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My inaugural gif had absolutely no relevance whatsoever to this thread ....none. That's my mistake & my fault ,my apologies to all .

It (the gif) was designed purely to laugh at myself because of my naivety regarding the simplicity of loading up a gif . blush.png

Disappointed about the Bobby Drake ? Hell no ....I'm pleased & grateful that the change has been made although I confess that in this instance I wouldn't have been overly bothered as I know little of the source material . The song & dance about the other Bobby (Iced) again left me cold (no pun intended) .....I still believe that the first (wave 11) remains the best but I'm happy for new stuff .

You all know which recent set disappointed me ,I said my piece (too much) & moved on .

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