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Holy !@#$, Simpsons Legos!


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Well, one more dream Minimate property down the drain.

Why do you say that?

LEGO, Mega Bloks, and Kre-O never kept DST from offering Marvel, Halo, or Star Trek respectively.

Don't give up hope. This is a different category.

It certainly doesn't make it easier.

Here's a video the Lego design team put up. This house is pretty amazing.

Unfortunately, $200 is indeed the price point. I don't usually splurge on this kind of thing, but I will probably make an exception.

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Don't give up hope for Minimate customs just yet. Apparently there will be a blind bag release for $4 each, so no need to buy the $200 house. I wish I knew who was going to be in the series, and I hate blind bags. I didn't know that Lego parts were compatible with Minimates, but if so then I'm far more likely to buy these.

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Gadzooks! I can't win, I just started trying to downsize my big lego stuff ( sold all my modular buildings)

This house is a beauty! I'd get it just for that, since the Simpsons was ruined forever for me by my old boss, but that's a whole other story.

Man, I don't know what I'm gonna do.

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It's available now, and ships free. Do you have yours yet, Ten? I saw it at the Lego Store the other day and it is nice. Unfortunately, my wife was along, and somehow she seems to think $200 on a Lego set is frivolous. Crazy, right?

Today I even got started on Minimate customs. Those big noggins will definitely look better on a Minimate body then they do on Legos. I'm guessing that the blind bags will have more traditional releases of the family (Marge without an apron, Homer without his tie, ect), and hopefully Krusty and Burns.

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Oh, 90% of my toy collection goes immediately into storage until I have my own place and not just a bedroom.

Usually when I get something new that I want to display, something old goes away. The new Hobbit Desolation of Smaug sets sent all my Avengers sets into a bin in the basement. That's why I keep instruction booklets and invest in Ziploc bags.

I put away the TMNT van & pizza truck in hopes 742 Evergreen Terrace fits next to the sewer lair...

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That looks great. wub.png

I dunno if everyone knows this, but Lego heads fit very well on Minimate neck pegs. My plan is to pop them off and create Minimate customs, when I finally get the blasted thing. Maggie will probably look even better with Minimates, since she seems greatly out of scale there.

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