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Squallworks - Grifter pg.15


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@UK Collector: The coat came from MvC3 Wesker. Some parts were sculpted though.

These are a few customs I finished recently.

more pics in my blog:

Mystic Multiple Man:


DC New 52 Superman:




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Thanks very much guys.

@Punisher: the head came from the Stormbreaker Loki. I originally planned to use the Civil War Cap head, then I bought a Stormbreaker Loki for the cape. To my surprise, he was sporting Christian Bale's smile. lol.

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I mean, seriously... holy shit those are good. And, let me say this: I hate the new Superman costume. I grimace at every toy I see in that costume. Your custom is the first, and possibly last, time I've liked that costume.

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What head did you use? That really captures Cavill nicely. Again, you've taken a costume I don't like and turned it into a Minimate I would gladly buy. Can we get a shot of Movie Supes and Batman together?

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