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Funko Pop!


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The Friends ones are interesting, as I think it's the first time they've gone after a big but old comedy (unless you count Arrested Development, which was/is a cult show still in some form of development). I wonder what else this might lead to. Seinfeld? Cheers? The Cosby Show? ... er, probably not that last one.

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I wonder what else this might lead to. Seinfeld?

Didn’t they announce Seinfeld Pops already? I swear it was on their list of “we announce a new license for 12 days of Christmas thing”

(Maybe they aren’t making those anymore though, or maybe they are and are waiting until after the Vinyl Idolz come out to show them)

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I finally tracked down a Cthulhu pop yesterday at a hot topi when getting my nightmare mates. So this is my first and only pop. Unless I lose my mind and get more or they make more lovecraft pops. Actually I might get the EE GITD Cthulhu variant.

Me and my wife watched Dagon last night to celebrate me finding it. Good times.

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