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  1. If we're talking army builders, I would be afraid to actually say the number of sets I'm probably buying. It's obscene though. For non army builder sets I always get 4 or more. 1 Mint on Card, 1 opened unchanged displayed, 2 to play with/custom/parts swap etc... I hate that I feel like at this point any real chance of future sets are dead but I do. Too much time is passing and too little positive conversation towards how it might work. I am afraid they just don't see it as profitable. It just feels like such a shame because I feel like the biggest problem never was the property itself. People still dig GI Joe stuff enough to sell. Its the presentation. Repacking the same few characters slightly different hurt more than helped in the beginning and no troops hurts even more. The packaging also increased costs initially which didn't help either. I feel like they were adjusting the packaging but I don't think they have ever truly considered embracing the troop selection. Maybe I'm wrong but I just feel strongly that GI Joe needs those nameless faceless thugs just as much as TMNT needs Foot, Battlestar Galactica needs Cylons, Aliens needs, well, Aliens....I mean no one would feel great about their Marvel collections without some AIM, Hydra, SHIELD, Hellfire, etc.. Oh well, maybe after Luke starts knocking out the DC custom sticker sets he can consider some GI Joe ones. I think there might be some interest.
  2. Oh, my heart. Wishlisting is fun and it builds strong bones! Justice League (Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern [Hal]) Team Batman (Huntress, Alfred, Batgirl [Babs], Cassie, Gordon) The Robins ( Nightwing, Red Hood, Red Robin, Damian, Steph) The Many Faces of Batman (AzBats [Jean-Paul], GraysonBat [Dick], Thomas Wayne, Future Damian, Zur-en-Arrh) Batman's Rogues I (Joker, Harley, Two-Face, Scarecrow, Riddler) Batman's Rogues II (Penguin, Catwoman, Mr. Freeze, Poison Ivy, Hush) Batman's Rogues III (Bane, Ra's, Croc, Firefly, Hatter) Classic Titans (Robin, Speedy, Wonder Girl, Aqualad, Kid Flash) New Titans (Disco Nightwing, Starfire, Changeling, Raven, Cyborg) Lantern Corps (Kyle, Simon Baz, Jade, Jessica Cruz, Tomar-Re) JSA (Hourman, Dr. Mid-Nite, Sandman, Alan Scott, Hawkman) The Supers (Earth 2 Supes, Superboy, Lois, Jimmy, Supergirl) The Super Bads (Lex, Zod, Mongul, Eradicator, Metallo) More Justice (Martian Manhunter, Green Arrow, Black Canary, Atom, Zatanna) Hero Pack I (Metamorpho, Firestorm, Elongated Man, Captain Atom, Black Lightning) Hero Pack II (Aquaman [Hook], Mister Terrific, Plastic Man, Phantom Stranger, The Question) The Weird (Swamp Thing, Ragman, Frankenstein, Blue Devil, Detective Chimp) Big Bads (Darkseid, Doomsday, Trigon, Grundy, Atrocitus) Flash Rogues (Captain Cold, Mirror Master, Weather Wizard, Captain Boomerang, Trickster) Villain Pack I (Punchline, Maxwell Lord, Zoom, King Shark, Black Hand) Villain Pack II (KGBeast, Talia, Psycho-Pirate, Deadshot, Black Manta) Villain Pack III (Talon, Black Adam, Giganta, Catman, Parasite) Ok I gotta much more I could I lay my head down and cry.
  3. They are still selling the Eternia Battleground Set on Mattel Creations online and I believe there are rumors floating around about a few more sets but it has been a slow trickle the last year or two. Nothing new since I'd say middle of last year or so I believe. MOTU Minimates would go so very well with my Thundercats, TMNT, GIJoe, Transformers, D&D and Real Ghostbusters mates and then I just need heroes and villains box sets from SilverHawks and we will be cooking with my childhood 80s cartoon classics. Although Id also take Bravestarr, COPS, Tigersharks, Voltron, Robotech, DotE, G-Force, Super Friends (Return of DC Mates) and MASK. Though that last one really screams for vehicles. Oh well, they are my dreams so bring it all on DST!
  4. I believe Mega still has a MOTU license for 2" action figures that likely prevents this from happening right now. I would love it though if it could.
  5. BuffaloDelorean, spot on! I even found some of the other parts in the assorted loose arms/legs etc to finish those figures. Thank you for the heads up. Cylonchaney, that's a great observation. I too noticed the seemingly deliberate texturing to the paint...I can't find a version of a golem character that matches this custom but I feel like you're swimming in the right pool maybe. It's really a nice piece done on one of the oversized bucks. Just not sure where to put it in the collection. Thanks guys! If anyone else has a clue on that custom let me know.
  6. I recently bought a lot of loose minimates from a collector and customizer and I've been able to identify all of the customs except one and all the loose torso pieces except for two. I don't recognize the custom character and image searches aren't helping so does anyone know who it is? Also the 2 torsos appear to be factory and not customs upon inspection but after hours on the database (Hail Ivan!) I can't find a match for either. Any help is appreciated. Thanks guys!
  7. Merry Christmas All and a Happy New Year real soon!
  8. I would love it if it were that easy but if Im not completely mistaken....I don't think Lego hats or hair fit on Minimate heads. I unfortunately don't have any lego figures sitting around right now to verify but just looking online even they appear to have different sized heads. I found some knockoff playmobileish styled western figures years ago that had hats that fit ok but they were not easy to find. I wonder if you could make cowboy hats for 1/18 figure heads fit? Dime Novel Legends makes a few styles of hats but not sure they would work. I kept looking for years and hoping someone would post a minimate sized/style cowboy hat on one of the 3d printing sites that I could purchase but never found one. I need to make more friends with 3d printing people hah.
  9. Man, that is one of my biggest wants right now. Cowboy hats. Just a couple of different styles (Wide flat Tombstone style, Curved Lone Ranger Style). I've tried for years to find someone to 3d print minimate size cowboy hats that i could buy some bulk in for customs. The good existing hats are locked behind paywalls for the Dollar Trilogy sets mostly unless im missing some other good options. Great job elhonez! I'd buy that set or any western themed sets in a heartbeat like many others.
  10. An initiative that involves a completely different approach to the line, utilizing some added elements that may broaden the appeal. Helloooooo Vehicle sets! I kid, I kid....though I'd buy a Vamp set with Clutch, Stinger w/Driver, HISS w/Driver, RAM w/Breaker, Ferret w/Firefly, etc..the only question is would they be like the Delorean, KITT, MAX style vehicles or a return to C3 building sets. Hasbro gave up on Kre-O sets so maybe you guys could do some vehicles and environment sets. GI Joe Headquarters! I know it's not likely any of that but my mind sure does wander....I just want more GI Joe mates. Army Builders, New Characters, Old Characters, ARAH, Action Force, Sigma 6, Carded, Loose, Bagged, Crowdfunded...don't care how you do it, just do it!
  11. I'm very similar in that it would be near impossible to separate my fandom of GI Joe from the product as it is the overwhelming reason I purchased them. I am also in the perfect sweet spot for this product. I grew up in the 80s watching the cartoon, reading the comic and collecting the toys. Its one of my top 3 fandoms along with DC Comics and Star Wars. That being said if I try to be objective and merely judge the mates themselves I find that I am still extremely pleased with the product. Granted, I am not a hard one to please when it comes to the minimate realm as i have basically bought everything they've ever put out and loved almost all of it. Even if I knew nothing about it or had no attachment to it like the previously mentioned Plants vs. Zombies, which were fun figures from a property I know nothing about and have no nostalgia I was pleased with the product. Thief of Thieves, Desperately Seeking Susan, iZombie, Kingdom Hearts these were all properties I am not really familiar with but I enjoyed the unique designs and the variety each of these sets provided. I am a fanatical lazy customizer and usually buy 2 or more of every pack so I have parts to swap and make new characters. GI Joe offered me (so far...please keep em coming) four sets that while not robust in character selection, they were very satisfying in design for me. True to the subject matter of course but beyond that I find the designs interesting and unique amongst the rest of my collection. Minimates by their very nature are formulaic and somewhat cookie cutter but I found the new parts in these sets for customizing to be excellent and the weapons provided are perfect to share with other sets. Face and torso tampos were all very sharp in my sets and each figure just jumps out for me much like the Transformer sets with design and coloring. The packaging, while disparaged due to the cost increase and perceived negative affect to the lines success so far, is very well done and the individual carded presentation is miniature art to some of us. I wont try to convince anyone to buy these for the packaging but I assure you there are those of us that did. At the end of the day though I expect many of us buy these toys from some subjective point of view based on nostalgia, our opinion of the quality of the toy, the presentations appeal or a need to complete a collection. If GI Joe isn't your jam then nothing anyone else could say would change your mind. For me, merging a childhood fandom with quality product makes these my favorite minimates I own (until I get my army builders ). Objectively I argue they are good if not great figures and sets but subjectively I say these are the best damn things DST has made and it would be a shame if it doesn't continue on.
  12. Hah, I do! Sorry about that. Hrmm...just replace the one in 6 with Copperhead. Yeah, I'd be good with that.
  13. Bored so gonna throw out my dream thought of the day if I ran this line up to series 10 with trooper sets in between.... Next Release: Trooper Pack #1 (Cobra Trooper, Crimson Guard, Viper, BAT) Series 3: Flint, Lady Jaye, Gung-Ho, Spirit Series 4: Zartan, Firefly, Zaranna, Major Bludd Trooper Pack #2 (Cobra Officer, Snow Serpent, Eel, Red Ninja) Series 5: Hawk, Cover Girl, Beach Head, Stalker Series 6: Tomax, Xamot, Zaranna, Scrap Iron Trooper Pack #3 (Alley Viper, Stinger Driver, Tele-Viper, Techno-Viper) Series 7: Falcon, Jinx, Shipwreck, Dusty Series 8: Serpentor, Dr. Mindbender, Zandar, Wild Weasel Trooper Pack #4 (Joe Greenshirts w/swappable parts to make OG13 members Grunt, Zap, Short Fuze, Breaker etc.) Series 9: Sgt. Slaughter, Low Light, Dusty, Wet Suit Series 10: Buzzer, Ripper, Torch, Road Pig Oh to dream.....
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