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  1. I'm loving them both. Sure I have collected both Marvel and NBX since the beginning and I have all of these characters but you know what has changed? I now have 3 little boys and 2 in particular absolutely LOVE Avengers and NBX. I have always been hesitant to let them play with my figures but with these newer updates I believe Im going to pass the old figures on to them to enjoy and add these upgrades to the shelf. I would have loved it if we got new characters or new properties but I gotta admit im just happy to see 2 minimate exclusives announced. Now who do I need to talk to about rel
  2. I agree with this concern. I was watching BBTS for the past week hoping to spot if they listed this set and I never even saw them available until they were listed as sold out with a notice of a one per person limit and a notification that states "Due to limited supply, this item may be allocated. Pre-orders are not guaranteed to fill." I have been able to secure a preorder of 2 of this box set from Luke's but I'm concerned if there will be limitation to the supply that could affect fulfillment of these preorders. I haven't seen any other online websites even offer this set yet for p
  3. Im too excited with the possibilities so I have to at least throw out my I'm sure "never gonna happen" wish list. If I was running the line to start I would do something like this: Box Set 1: A mixture to gauge interest and sales: Snake Eyes, Scarlett, Cobra Commander(Helmet), Storm Shadow Box Set 2: A mixture to gauge interest and sales: Duke, Roadblock, Destro, Baroness Box Set 3: Sales are good, hit the army builders: Cobra Trooper, Cobra Viper, Crimson Guard, B.A.T. Box Set 4: A little more good guy love: Stalker, Shipwreck, Flint, Lady Jaye Box Set 5: Cobra
  4. Arrived and placed in to a position of honor in my collection. Jolly Rancher Turtles almost complete...just need a Donnie. Thanks Zach!
  5. Zach, Any chance this includes Vinimates for Transformers as well? As much as I love my articulated little minimates I have to admit for a display some Vinimate sized Transformers would look killer along with the Minimate sized Joes for a true GIJoe/Transformers crossover....I would definitely collect both scales.
  6. Preordered 2 sets...might get a few more for family and friends. Now go ahead and offer those GI Joe ones and see how many I preorder....I dare you... Oh and yes please to M.A.S.K., Power Rangers, Visionaries, COPS or ROM. Please don't let these turn out like the Rocky 3, Beverly Hills Cop, Godfather and John Wick sets. My heart can't take that again.
  7. *Head Explodes* I was just talking to my wife the other day as we came out of a Walgreens with a Miles Morales/Prowler set about how Minimates have been reduced to little more than a once every few months or so purchase of "something" Marvel. The diversity and fun of the brand had faded some from its glory years with DC, Aliens, Predator, Terminator, Back to the Future, Star Trek, Ghostbusters, TMNT, The Walking Dead, Thundercats, Nightmare Before Christmas, Battlestar Galactica and Halo all filling out a ton of space on my shelves. So many other great sets as well. I told her
  8. I know I don't post much, usually a lurker, but if there are either still available I'd love to have them. Got a 2015 NYCC Red Raphael at my local comic shop a few years back for free because my shop guy new I loved Minimates and TMNT. Never had a chance to get the Leo or Mikey. Missing the Donnie too but its easier to hunt down one exclusive if I wanted to complete a set than three. I think im only missing 4 total figures from the main line set...of course all hard if not impossible to get decently priced...(Blind Series 3 Ivan Steranko, Blind Series 4 Oroku Saki and Baxter Stockman and Blind
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