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  1. That might be a possibility through DST's new site if they're so inclined. It's taken them this long to take the site this far so I'm not sure if I should say "but don't hold your breath" or suggest that there's new momentum within the organization.
  2. I tend to agree. If DST has finally dedicated some human resources to their web store then I expect it to be updated accordingly. It'd be great if a "GI Joe Minimates" Google search led to a placeholder on their site that read "COMING SOON!" But, yeah, it's all about the pre-orders. Hopefully if folks decide against Transformers that don't transform and the assortment gets canceled, it won't stop DST from soliciting other lines like Power Rangers and Micronauts.
  3. It's almost like they lost a major mass market retailer and there was a global pandemic affecting production and sales. Honestly, talk to Trek collectors about how long they've been waiting for the Enterprise C to be solicited.
  4. Yes, with the exception of Marvel and the Hasbro licenses, there's nothing to look forward to.
  5. Joes are definitely coming. As for vehicles, given how underscaled they can be, some of Hasbro's existing vehicles might look even better with Minimates than the 1/18 scale figures.
  6. That's gotta be frustrating. I've only ever had one issue with Luke's. It was recent and quickly resolved to my satisfaction. Fortunately it didn't have anything to do with shipping though it did involve one of my grails. I was worried that it had gotten lost in the current discombobulation of the USPS.
  7. How else will we they track you and keep you from committing acts of shenanigans safe? Enjoy your surveillance device cell phone! 😶
  8. Same here. I was hopeful that Power Rangers would get a sequel after the Hasbro acquisition but at this rate they'd have to do a passing of the sword to a new cast. Similarly, the Trek films seem to have fallen victim to the reunification of Paramount and CBS. As someone who feels Star Trek should have stayed on television anyway, I'd be fine if the next feature went directly to Paramount+ (AKA CBS All Access). Otherwise we'll just have to wait until Kirk shows up to relieve Captain Pike on Strange New Worlds, I suppose.
  9. I've never been a fan either* but the more colorful franchises seem to do well for Minimates. The costumes could be printed from the neck down leaving the only sculpted bits to be helmets, hair, and accessories. I'd only be concerned about getting complete teams. (*I did like that last Power Rangers movie though.)
  10. It doesn't matter who the army-builders are packed with so long as Luke's Toy Store can offer the same kind of exclusive that was offered with Marvel Series 78. Personally, I'm expecting 4-packs. So if the first one happens to be Duke, Scarlett, Destro, and a Cobra Trooper, Luke's could offer 2-packs (or 4-packs, if the license insists) of Cobra Troopers. Just make sure there's marketing to let folks know where they can get their armies.
  11. Besides Transformers, GI Joe, and Power Rangers, there are three other licenses included in the agreement yet to be announced. PLEASE let one be Micronauts! That just makes too much sense for action figures this wee!
  12. So that's happening, too, apparently. Go go, Power Rangers!
  13. Whatever army-builders DST decides to offer with main characters, I'd love to see Luke's Toy Store be able to offer as exclusive 2-packs just like they did with Multiple Man. Load that shop up!
  14. Full disclosure: I rediscovered the Transformers franchise when my 4-year-old got hooked on Beast Wars. We watched that together. If DST ever decided to make those into Minimates, I'd probably get a set just for the heck of it.
  15. I hope you had a cootie-free birthday, Mr. Porter!
  16. It's funny that I have no problem with other cartoon characters morphing (or inexplicably pulling anvils from behind their backs) but for some reason my standards are a little higher for this property. Maybe because I think it's rooted in the real world despite the medium in which it was produced. It's silly but it's enough for me to pass on a property. Even Tony Stark's animated armors have been getting a little ridiculous over the past few MCU flicks. It's just a pet peeve, like firearms with infinite ammunition. I'm fine being in the minority and honestly envious of those who can suspend
  17. Non-transforming Transformers isn't a dealbreaker for me at all. My issue is scale. The appeal of Minimates to me is that multiple properties can exist in the same scale. Knowing that Optimus Prime is supposed to be the size of a truck makes me more interested in a Vinimate of him. But knowing that Transformers vary in size from cassette tapes to PLANETS has always been enough to keep me away from Hasbro's line let alone forcing the likenesses onto the same 2" frame. That's just my OCD nitpick. I'm not a GI Joe fan by any stretch but I'm totally on board with those sight unseen as lo
  18. I've never been a fan of this franchise but the toys always looked like fun. I can see myself being a completist for this line, especially if any of Hasbro's vehicles scale better with Minimates.
  19. Dang, that's a good swap, too. I may have to haul out my DC 'mates and give this a try.
  20. By Odin's beard, that works! 🤓👍
  21. That's a nice 3D print but I'm really impressed with the graphics! Well done.
  22. Based on the number of Administrative Assistants I've seen come and go through DST, it might be a dream job for a fan but pretty thankless for anyone else.
  23. Since it's an umbrella license with a variety of properties, I'm leaning toward King Features Syndicate (Flash Gordon, Phantom, Popeye) but hoping for Hanna-Barbera (Jonny Quest, Scooby-Doo, Herculoids, Blue Falcon, Birdman, Space Ghost).
  24. DST offered blind bags, not numb bags. Both are evil. I need to know what I'm buying without molesting the packaging.
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