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  1. Yeah, half of this assortment is loaded with must-haves for me. I love Iron Man but I'd prefer a new armor (although this is a chance for newbies to get one at retail).
  2. [adds to weekend To-Do list...]
  3. I may have to do some actual surgery and painting to get the desired effect so, yes, a labor of love indeed. I'm just not sure if I want to go with the more practical leggings from her earliest appearances or nude. The latter would certainly help her stand out from the boys club.
  4. Outstanding! That looks like an expensive crew to assemble. I'm working on a Blackhawk Squadron a little at a time. I've only got a little work to do on my Fury 161 inmates from Alien 3. I appreciate the dedication it takes to reach a goal like this.
  5. I'm not sure which is more profitable for Diamond, the comics or the merchandise. I've been waiting for someone to snatch up DST for a while now.
  6. This thread aged well. 🤓👍
  7. I just picked up that Iron Giant Vinimate today. It is glorious.
  8. That poster was a woman's idea? If so I'll gladly rephrase. Either way, early promotion showing so many different characters was a great way to boost consumer confidence regarding not only how many characters might be on the immediate horizon but how deep into the franchise DST was willing to go. Yeah, we had to wait a while for Toad but it was great to see him in the crowd. I'd be content with a motorcycle but as an old school Joe fan, I wouldn't mind seeing DST's version of this set. 🤓
  9. Agreed. Remember when Marvel Minimates were announced with that lone 4-pack? 🙄 Fuck no. Art Asylum went balls first. There was a promotional poster featuring two dozen character designs. It's sad enough that Marketing apparently has "zero to do" with bringing a franchise like this to DST. Promote the latest licensed property the way it's worked in the past. At least put an ad in IDW's comics.
  10. Does Walgreens carry other GI Joe product? I haven't noticed. Any additional sales are great for the Minimates brand but, as someone who's found it more and more difficult to get Marvel Minimates at Walgreens, I share Strider's preference for preorders.
  11. Why doesn’t Cobra Commander have a vac-metallized noggin?
  12. Duke and Scarlett seem to be a given. Pairing them with bad guys like Cobra Commander and a Cobra Trooper allows for an etailer to offer multiples of the army builder as an exclusive. 😎
  13. I like the family groupings. That's how I usually arrange my figures though I've been tempted to put them in order of release (like an official archive) or, if I'm feeling particularly masochistic, by hue. When you've got characters whose costumes don't have a dominant color, that becomes a challenge! How many do you have on display?
  14. It's authentic. Kinda like how this MCU costume of Captain America was right out of the comics.
  15. "Never say never!" 🙄 A 10-pack wouldn't be a bad way to offer characters from the series all at once in a higher price point more attractive to retailers. It could offer key characters for the uninitiated, alternate/new versions for veterans, and the kind of obscure supporting characters the brand in known for offering. I thought the problem with the Vision from that set was that he never appeared in that outfit in the film. Which is a risk manufacturers run when they rely on information from an unfinished film. In this case, DST could gauge interest AFTER the fact. Personally,
  16. Given how difficult it's been to time the release of the product with the movies/shows, can you imagine getting episode 9 Wanda and Vision months before series aired? Personally, I'd prefer to wait. As much as DST (and retailers) like to strike while the iron is hot, there's much more risk and potential disappointment when trying to anticipate which characters will be in demand. As cute as a 1950's sitcom Wanda & Vision might be for a Valentine's Day release, collectors would be pretty upset if DST never got around to offering them in their final costumes.
  17. Minimates are part of the license agreement. We'll just have to wait and see if DST decides it's morphin' time for the brand. "The new range will span multiple categories of collectibles, including Gallery Diorama PVC sculptures, Premier Collection and Milestones resin statues, Legends in 3D half-scale busts and Minimates mini-figures. The first products will launch in Fall 2021 at comic shops, specialty stores and drug stores worldwide."
  18. I caught the first couple episodes of The Black. Not terrible but obviously nothing that DST is going to turn into Minimates since it's character-driven. I'd still be most interested in Minimates of Jaeger pilots and other human characters but Select figures of the mechs and kaiju.
  19. Honestly, with the Halloween costumes, there's an entire assortment here. Back in the day DST would have even offered up Jimmy. But, yeah, after seeing the finale, I'm fully expecting to see certain designs in the next Doctor Strange movie. Hopefully that flick gets some Minimates love. Sadly, there are no guarantees.
  20. And the other is a small global company. (See? Compared!)
  21. Wrapping up a cast with a vehicle is a little different than starting one (or restarting one) with a vehicle. If it came down to a choice, knowing how tiny the dropship would be, I'd be giddy with the Ferro/Bishop 2-pack.
  22. I'd like to think that there'd be more support for a dropship just because collectors would likely want more than one. I know I would. Add the figures and give them enough parts to make alternate versions of each character and I think it's a home run. Not sure if DST still has the license though. I had hoped that when they exhausted Alien they'd move onto AvP but clearly that hasn't happened.
  23. I'm not sure what made me think of this but if the Joe license includes vehicles, maybe we could finally get a motorcycle!
  24. Ghost looks great. I'm a sucker for any new/updated Iron Man armor. 616 Mockingbird is now off my customs list and Deathlok is off my wishlist. (I'd still love Agents fo SHIELD versions, though.) The Spider-Woman update is cool enough for me and Constrictor tugs at my nostalgia strings. Series 81 is a bit lackluster for me since I'm not a huge fan of X-Men but the FF designs in 82 look awesome. I'm just happy to see new 'mates!
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