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  1. Wondering if we will see any Shang Chi movie mates?? Think there’s some cool character designs and would be cool for DST to tackle this movie since it’s the first Asian American superhero!
  2. More Shang Chi toy leaks this week. This time in the form of Hasbro Marvel Legends. Won’t spoil anything here, but I’m hoping we see some Mates from this movie!!
  3. These look great! I’m very excited to see this line blow up. I’m hoping it does, there’s so many great characters throughout! I would love to see some two-packs showing up at Walgreens too
  4. Wow this is really a dream come true. I’ve been a fan of GI Joe since I was so young. It was really the first collection I ever had. And to have them now as minimates?! I am so grateful. Super excited to see where this lines goes and I will buy every single one!
  5. If anyone comes across the Falcon & Winter Soldier mates out there, and can grab them for me I’ll be willing to pay ASAP! Plz reach out to me if anyone finds them out there, I’m having no luck in Jersey! Thanks
  6. If anyone sees the Falcon & Winter Soldier mates in the stores and can grab them for me I would totally appreciate it! Just let me know how much and I got you! Can’t find them anywhere in Jersey
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