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Minimate compatibility thread

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3 hours ago, AugieWargo said:

Lego has a few decent bottles that work for scenes but don't really fit in minimates hands.  and don't know if it's worth the shipping price to you but La Petite Brique does make custom Lego bricks and many are liquor bottles.

nice!  thanks - i will check it out


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1 hour ago, buttheadsmate said:

palZ X-Files 'Frohike' has a beauty of a liquor bottle which "I believe" is a J & B Whisky bottle .......sadly a blend:rolleyes:

In these dastardly times I have re-acquainted myself with my old friend "whisky " & we are getting along just fine :thumbsup:

i'll have to look for that one.

and i actually had to give up scotch/whiskey b/c i get drunk.  so i switched to beer during these times b/c i can only drink two tops which will not fuck me up.  except for when i drank that 14% beer.  i was not expecting it to be that strong but i was pretty buzzed after one


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On 5/9/2020 at 4:00 PM, AugieWargo said:

Anyone ever try the BMCToys  MarxTim Mee repro playsets?    The scale is 1:24-1:35.  I am tempted to get a few of the sets for the Pillbox bunkers and Higgins boats but was wondering if anyone has tried them already.

I want to say that someone bought them but I don’t remember the result. If you do get them please let me know because they look cool.

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6 hours ago, AugieWargo said:

I did as well. My items should be here sometime this week.

Amazing! Which set did you buy? I got the military one.

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On 5/15/2009 at 1:14 PM, Mystery Man said:

Got mine in the mail today and love 'em!

Any ideas on how to affix the mates to 'em?

Over 10 years later, I’m curious since the pictures won’t load. Whatever happened with this glider and who made it? 

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4 hours ago, SCW said:

Very curious about the Sci-fi set! pics please when you get them!

same here! I have the sci-fi set in my cart just in case I like the set I got.

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On 5/27/2020 at 8:29 PM, thereasonsy said:

I’ve been meaning to ask, is that the bunker that they sell?

That big smooth gray thing with the slats is one of like four different ones they sell. the other ones are slightly smaller and cylindrical  with fake plants sculpted on them.


13 hours ago, WookieFodder said:

the red desks look great

yeah, I thought about painting it but it really grew on me.  it looks better in hand that it does in the photos.

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